Find Holiday Gifts for Anyone at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls!

One of the best parts about the holiday season is shopping for your friends and family.  After all, the season is all about giving, right?  For this reason, I was so excited to be selected to participate in the T.J. Maxx and Marshalls Secret Santa project!  I was recently sent a blogger’s name (who will remain nameless until the secret is revealed!) and a $50 gift card in order to send some holiday cheer their way.  Armed with my gift card, I happily drove to my local Marshalls store.

I will admit that I am not a frequent Marshalls shopper.  I had the preconceived notion that it would be difficult to sort through the stacks of bargains and that I would get frustrated quickly.  However, when I walked in with my family, I realized that I was wrong.  Even though it is peak shopping season, the store was very clean, organized and well staffed.

Because my Secret Santa lives North, I thought she may be able to use a warm, cozy blanket.  I headed to the home section and laid eyes on an entire aisle of fuzzy blankets!  My daughters helped me feel them all and we settled on a beautiful light blue one (it was the softest by far and only $19.99!).  Keeping on the warm and cozy theme, we made our way over to the kitchen section and found an adorable snowman mug and chocolate chip muffin mix.  Finally, on the way up to the register, I saw a section of winter themed candles and grabbed a peppermint one.  It smells divine!

Before stepping foot in Marshalls, I braced myself for a long wait in order to check out, but I was pleasantly surprised that there was four registers open and only one person ahead of me.  After ringing up my purchases, the total came to $48.37!  Score! My gift card was enough to create the perfect warm, cozy gift for my Secret Santa.

I hope she loved it as much as I loved shopping for it!  Thanks Marshalls for making my holiday shopping easy!

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