Elf Magic in my Home this Holiday Season!

Recently, an elf visited my daughter’s classroom at school.  She has talked about “Mr. Elf” for days now and finally decided she wanted an elf of her very own.  Now, understand that my daughter does NOT want Santa anywhere near our home (she is completely terrified), so I was quite surprised that she requested the presence of an elf!  I asked if she knew how the elves arrived (since I knew asking Santa was out of the question for her)?  She said we just had to wish for one! Sounds easy enough, right?  Last night, during our prayers and before the final Amen, she mentioned a dozen times that she really, really, really wanted an elf to visit our home.

As it turns out, the elf need a travel ticket from ElfMagic.com in order to be cleared to visit.  Apparently, the “paperwork” is processed quickly because during the night, our new elf arrived and began some holiday antics.  When my daughter woke up, she noticed the lights were lit on our tree (we always turn them off at night) and the stockings were hung on our mantel (we had yet to hang them ourselves).  She is always observant, but she was obsessed with figuring out why things were “out of sorts” this morning.  Soon enough, she noticed a red box on the mantel and when she opened it, she could not believe her eyes!

“IT WORKED, MOMMY!” she squealed.  She’s here!  She’s really here!

Immediately, she explored the suitcase and found magic snowflakes, pajamas and a book explaining how our elf arrived.  After reading the story, she looked for the snowflake that should appear on the elf’s chest signaling that she really came from Santa.  It was there and she was elated!

The elf, who is now named “Jingles”, has brought lots of holiday magic to our home.  Each night, my daughters sprinkle her with magic snowflakes and leave crackers and water to remind her of home (crackers are crunchy like snow and ice water is melted snowflakes, of course).  I know when Jingles returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, my daughter will be sad to see her go, but it will only add to the excitement of guessing when she will return in the future!

If you would like an elf to visit your home, visit ElfMagic.com to inquire about a travel ticket and sleigh delivery costs!  And don’t miss what the little elves are up to!  Follow ElfMagic on Twitter!

We received an Elf Magic package in order to facilitate this review, however all opinions remain 100% mine.  I was not compensated for this post.


  1. Great job on this review, B! It was absoloutely adorable! Mom


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