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Living in New Orleans, there is definitely no lack of incredible food or amazing chefs.  Around every corner, you will find a restaurant that is full of enticing smells and dishes to die for.  So, I have to say that I was surprised at the findings of the recent Chicago Cutlery survey regarding the “Sharpest Cities Index.”

The study found that Canadians are actually sharper than Americans in their cooking habits and kitchen knife use with Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto scoring higher than American cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  I wonder where New Orleans placed in the survey?  In an effort to help out the cities that don’t cut the mustard, Chicago Cutlery is beginning a new initiative.  From the press release:

Chicago Cutlery “The Chicago Cutlery brand, best-known for its innovative collection of kitchen knives, also plans to reach a new generation of aspiring cooks, by enlisting Top Chef winner and restaurateur Stephanie Izard to participate in the campaign. Throughout the program Izard will help home chefs nationwide learn the basics of dicing, chopping and storing their knives, as they build their culinary talents in the kitchen.

With her help, Chicago Cutlery will provide helpful tips to demonstrate how its innovative products inspire confidence in the kitchen, such as the reusable blade protectors that go from the store to the drawer – helping keep knives sharp and drawers organized at the same time.”

I will admit that I am no chef.  Not even close.  My husband does much of the cooking in my home, and although he cooks well, we do not have a professional set of knives.  So, we were excited to try the Chicago Cutlery Landmark Edition 8″ Chef Knife.  About the collection:

Chicago Cutlery Landmark Edition collection commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Chicago Cutlery. High-carbon stainless steel blades matched with polymer/steel combination forged handles provide contemporary and elegant styling that is also extremely functional.

My husband used the knife to prepare the ingredients for a New Orleans tradition, red beans and rice.  He was impressed with the weight and balance of the knife and also liked the look.  I like that the knife came with the StorEdge Edge Saver which allows us the store the knife safely.  With a full lifetime guarantee, you really can’t go wrong with this knife which is sold for just $24.99.

This review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  I received the product from Chicago Cutlery in order to facilitate this review, but all opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. Chicago Cutlery is up there in my list of knive companies. I used to work for Cutco and I love their knives, but Chicago Cutlery is a lot easier to purchase and find.

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