The Real Tooth Fairies: Review and Giveaway

My oldest daughter will be six in January of next year.  Many of her Kindergarten friends have begun to lose teeth and she cannot wait to follow suit.  About a week ago, she discovered her first loose tooth and I think she has wiggled and jiggled the tooth every hour since.  The tooth is holding on and has not fallen out just yet, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to share The Real Tooth Fairies books and virtual world with my daughter.  From the press release:

Like it was yesterday, I’m sure you remember the thrill of losing a tooth and carefully placing it under your pillow, anxious to wake up to a magical surprise. And to think that a fairy was actually coming to visit you! It’s so fun to relive this exciting time with your daughter now.

But the story of the tooth fairy has never truly been told. Nobody has known who she is and what she looks like, nor where she lives… until now! And we’re hoping you (and your daughter) will share the magical fun of exploring the world of The Real Tooth Fairies — a brand new interactive website and storybook series for young girls aimed to provide endless hours of entertainment for your girl while helping build her character and inspiring her to grow and glow with her own gifts and talents!

My daughter and I read Book 1 in the series which tells just how to tooth fairy came to be.  After reading the story, we went online to create my daughter’s online character and see which fairy was her perfect match.  My daughter was matched with Stacey, a fairy who loves to dance and act!  We explored the virtual world and created kindness cards for my daughter to achieve.  Once she completes her kindness tasks (such as helping a sibling pick up toys), she will be awarded a charm for her kindness bracelet.  In addition, her Real Tooth Fairy can send her personal letters for special events!

While the website helps parents keep track of lost teeth and gets your child excited about finding letters from their fairy, it really offers much more!  Books which encourage family time and activities to encourage kindness are two aspects that I find beneficial.


Do you have a daughter that would love to be matched with her own Real Tooth Fairy?  One reader will win a great prize pack which includes Book One: Twinkle Becomes A Real Tooth Fairy (with free charm), Book Eight: Magical World of the Real Tooth Fairies, 1 Month Upgrade VIP Membership Online, 5 Magic Letter Credits, Kindness Kit Level 1 – Ladybug which includes six Kindness Award Ribbons, Ladybug Charm, & Kindness Bracelet.

How to enter:

1. Meet The Real Tooth Fairies and tell me which one is your favorite!

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. I received a product sample from The Real Tooth Fairies to facilitate this review but all opinions remain 100% mine.


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