Spoil the New Baby with Happy Mama Gifts!

There must be something in the water within my circle of family and friends!  Recently, two friends and one family member had the most adorable babies, and one more cousin and two more friends are due in the coming months.  It’s my own personal baby boom!  I treasure my circle of friends and family more than anything in the world, so it is so much fun to share the journey with them and shower them with love.  While most of the women have had babies before, buying a gift can be a little difficult when they have all the necessary items from previous pregnancy.

I was recently introduced to Happy Mama Gifts and found that they carry the best pregnancy gift I have ever received…the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge!  Now that all the new babies are close to arriving, I started to look around for unique baby shower gifts.  One thing that immediately caught my eye was the Birth Bag.  When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I remember procrastinating packing the hospital bag. It was all so overwhelming, so I just put it off…..again.  The Birth Bag from Happy Mama Gifts is a adorable duffel bag which can be personalized filled with many items the soon to be Mom will need.  The website also suggests asking baby shower guests to bring one item to place in the bag so the guest of honor will be prepared for the big day.  I would have LOVED that!

Once that precious bundle of joy arrives, Happy Mama Gifts has lots of great new baby gifts as well.  The Puj Newborn Sink Bathtub ($39.99) is the coolest accessory I have seen in a long time.  This baby tub fits in any standard sink and can be stored flat!  Genius!

If you are hosting a baby shower or simply want to shower the future Mom with love, check out Happy Mama Gifts for unique ideas that will be remembered!

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