Hakuna Matata: The Lion King Roars at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Cecelia from Cool Baby Kid and I traveled to Las Vegas to speak at Blog World Expo.  While we were there on business, we managed to sneak in some fun, too!  The great people at Disney’s The Lion King musical at Mandalay Bay were nice enough to provide us with two incredible seats for the Thursday night showing.

This musical, based on the 1994 film, is one of the most popular shows on Broadway today.  And after viewing the Las Vegas show, I can totally see why!  The music was phenomenal, the dancing was elegant, but my favorite part was by far the costumes.  The costume designers did such a superb job that I actually forgot that the actors were human.  The costumes allowed you to transport inside the performance to make you feel like you were part of the jungle.  I could not take my eyes off of the stage (the two youngest actors were fabulous)!  One small warning….the songs are contagious.  Both Cecelia and I found ourselves singing the tunes at various points during the conference…which was certainly not a treat for anyone listening!

Want a sneak peek of the musical? Check out the video and sing along!  And stay up to date on the latest Lion King news by following the show on Twitter and Facebook!

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