This Little Piggy’s House: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The cardboard playhouse from This Little Piggy’s House will provide my daughters with hours of imaginative and creative play while being sturdy enough to last longer than the traditional cardboard box.


One Little Playhouse I, crayons and two very excited little girls ready to play!  About the This Little Piggy’s House:

Our children’s early years are an important time, passing with the blink of an eye. We believe that it is important for us, as parents, to nurture our children, and to help them learn by engaging in activities together.  We are committed to designing and producing environmentally-friendly product that encourage this interaction.

This Little Piggy’s House is an arts-and-crafts project that you can build together, and enjoy together, through hours of imaginative play.  For older children, this house provides a blank canvas to draw, color, and customize!”


Have you ever bought a ton of birthday gifts for your child only to find they were more interested in playing with the boxes?  I have definitely been there!  So why not let them play with the box?  This Little Piggy’s House is a well constructed cardboard box turned playhouse.  Requiring no glue or tape during assembly, the playhouse is the so detailed and just adorable.

When the playhouse arrived, my girls could not wait to begin!  My husband put the house together in just 10 minutes while my daughters starting making decorating plans.  I was very impressed with the quality of materials, construction and overall design.  The playhouse has a front and back door, window, flower box and chimney which creates lots of room for imaginative play.

Once the playhouse was assembled, my daughters started coloring the roof blue and the walls pink!  They spent at least an hour working together to design their new “home.”  After the colors were complete, the play began.  The house does not fit both kids at once, but they were great at taking turns on who lived in the house and who was the visitor.

Overall, we loved the Little Playhouse!  It was easy to assemble, sturdy and is still providing my kids with ample opportunity to play together in a creative way.


This Little Piggy’s House creates well designed, fun and detailed cardboard houses.  You can either choose to decorate it yourself or purchase a beautifully handpainted playhouse.  This online store also sells handmade clothes and paper products.


Would you child love to play in a cardboard playhouse?  This Little Piggy’s House as generously donated one Little Playhouse I (kraft/white) to a lucky reader (ARV $59.99)!!

How to enter:

1. Visit This Little Piggy’s House and tell me why your child would love to win this product!

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to This Little Piggy’s House for supplying the product for review.


  1. My niece is very creative and loves to play with her little Polly Pockets,she uses the dresser drawers as a house. This would give her hours of fun. She could draw on it and then use it as a play house. I hope we win

  2. My girls would love this cause they LOVE and I mean LOVE to color

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  6. My kids would love this because they ALWAYS enjoy playing with the box more than the actual present, especially big boxes that we can make something out of!! Cute idea!

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  10. My son would love this because he could decorate it himself and he loves to play make-believe and he’d have his own little fort.


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  13. he’s been loving to play secret fort lately and i think this would be a great secret fort for him
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  15. april yedinak says:

    They would love this because we make cardboard ‘cities’ all the time and this would look like a real house.

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  19. Snowflake07 (Audra) says:

    My daughter would love this playhouse because she likes to play hide and seek. She’s also starting to build little forts with help from Daddy. I also think she would have fun decorating it.

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  24. My daughter loves building forts and hiding under blankets, etc so this would be a great place for her to hide! She also loves craft projects, so this would be double the fun. Thanks for the chance to win!
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  30. Coloring is one of the few things my two kids will do together. This would be such perfect gift for both!

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  33. joanne major says:

    my grand daughter takes the dining room chairs and covers in blankets to make her a house of her own. she would love this.

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  37. my daughter loves to color and would be so excited to see this

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  45. Janice Wright says:

    Lily would love this because she loves to play house. She could have a “real” one.

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  50. evelyn goettner says:

    My son would love this! He loves making little forts with chairs and sheets and he loves arts and craft things so he’d like drawing and coloring it too!

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    My daughter would love to have one of these because she can color, paint, put stickers on it, or do whatever the heck she wants to it 🙂

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  98. My daughter would love decorating her house and playing inside.

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  101. The kids would love it because they can decorate it how they want to

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  107. My two little boys love imaginative play. They would have so much fun with this house. Love the handpainted ones, but I’m sure my boy’s will do a fantastic job decorating it their way.

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  110. The girls are discovering how creative they are, they like to decorate and recraft anything in the house, and they have talked about a playhouse, this would be very nice for them,
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  136. i would love to win this little piggys house for my children because the weather is turning wet and cold and it would be a great indoor activity for them. thanks clallen at ntin dot net

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  187. My daughter has a wonderful imagination and would be thrilled to win this house.


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  196. My son would love to play with his cousins in this playhouse. How fun!

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  199. The doors open, how cute. My son would like it because he can go in and out of it like a real house. A cardboard box…and doors and windows…the best of everything for the little ones who love this kind of imaginative play.

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  204. My son would love this house because his imagination would run wild!

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  205. because it is easy to decorate

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  209. My daughter would love this because she can decorate it herself!

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  211. My kids love being creative so this would be perfect 🙂

  212. My daughter would have hours of fun with her dolls in the cute little playhouse.

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