SONIC Limeades for Learning: Review and Giveaway

As my daughter enters Kindergarten this year, I realize now more than ever, the importance of education.  In order for my daughter to develop a love of learning, it is imperative that she have the materials needed to succeed and a creative teacher.  Just like in 2009, SONIC and are again stepping up to the plate to make some of these classroom dreams come true with the Limeades for Learning program!  Last year, SONIC donated more than $600,000 to public school classrooms around the country.  By October, SONIC customers, friends and fans will have directed more than $1 million dollars to support teachers in local communities.

By visiting the Limeades for Learning site, you can find your favorite public school teacher’s classroom project.  Beginning August 30th, you can vote for your favorite project once per day (no purchase necessary to vote).  On Friday, the votes are tallied and the teacher with the most votes receives complete funding for their project!  If the votes exceed 1 million, SONIC will donate an additional $100,000!

I took a look around and found so many creative projects!  I wish I could fund them all!  Because I am a Scientist living in New Orleans, I decided to help fund a Science project at a school effected by Hurricane Katrina.  This program, which is in need of a Wii console for Virtual Surgery, is helping to train students for careers in nursing.


Would you like to help fund a classroom project?  SONIC has generously donated a $100 gift card, a $25 SONIC gift card, a Limeades for Learning backpack and some Sharpies and notepads to one of my lucky readers!  You can have a great meal AND help fulfill the dreams of the classroom teacher of your choice!

How to enter:

1. Visit Limeades for Learning and vote for your favorite classroom project.  Let me know who you voted for!

Additional entries:

1. Blog about this giveaway and link to The Not-So-Blog and Limeades for Learning (10 extra entries).

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on September 20th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to SONIC for supplying the gift cards and backpack for review.


  1. I have been voting for Mrs. S at my daughter’s school Sun City Elementary in Bossier City, LA.

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  4. I voted for First Graders will Flip for Flip Cams Ms. L. Great idea!

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    I voted for “Bored At Indoor Recess? Be “Board” No More.”

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  9. Kristen Eby says:

    Can Games Help Me Graduate? — voted for

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    fan of

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  14. voted for our local music teacher

  15. voted for Reading Opens Doors!

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  18. I voted for Math Makes Mighty Minds.

  19. I voted for First Graders will Flip for Flip Cams.

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  23. I voted for Back to School Shopping Time.

  24. I voted for Can games help me graduate? My friend did her college thesis on this and there are positives for it 🙂

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  27. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I voted for First Graders will Flip for Flip Cams.

  28. I voted for the Big Books For Big Change! Project!

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  31. i voted for the the Super Sonic Dinosaurs!
    Mrs. K

  32. im a fan on fb name erica best

  33. Joy Bennett says:

    voted for Big Books For Big Change!

  34. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:

    I voted for M&M’s:Math and Manipulations

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    Email subscriber

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  39. voted for M&M’s:Math and Manipulations Mrs. S

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  42. Alicia Webster says:

    I voted for Eager Ears Need Talking Books with Ms. L !!

  43. I voted for “We Need An Uncracked, Unsqueaky, Safe Place to Sit! Please!” project. Although I would support just about all of them, I’m taken aback that this classroom doesn’t even have the basics of CHAIRS for students.

  44. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  45. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i voted for color our world

  46. Caramel Cutie says:

    I voted for paper and pencil.

  47. I voted for Menu For success.

  48. meeyeehere says:

    I voted for super sonic Dinosaurs!

  49. meeyeehere says:
  50. beth shepherd says:

    I voted for Big Books For Big Change!
    Ms. G
    Thank you

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    I sub
    Thank you

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    Thank you

  53. Elaine Lund says:

    I voted for Keeping Tech in The Classroom

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  57. Great projects! I voted for Projecting into and Out of Creative Minds!

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  61. please and thank you

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  63. I voted for “New Teacher for a 6th grade Special Needs Class” It said: My students need 15 subscriptions each to both Current Health and Current Science magazines; science and health reading materials that are easy to read and understand.

  64. Kathy Rambousek says:

    I voted for new teacher + new classmates….

  65. Kathy Rambousek says:
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    email subscriber

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    Facebook fan

  68. I voted for the Seeking News of the World and How to Make an Impact project.

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  70. I like the way this is set up so you can narrow down your choice.
    I voted for an Illinois literacy project titled “This book is just right.” Here is the link:
    I will be voting daily, thanks.

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  72. I voted for Keeping the Beat with New Instruments.

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    I voted for Printmaking Power.

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  79. voted for mr a and 3 cups of tea project
    nannypanpan at

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  81. Debbie Bellows says:

    i voted for Project Supplies by Mrs. H

  82. voted for M&M’s:Math and Manipulations Mrs. S

  83. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  84. I voted for Bringing Reading to Life – Ms. S.

  85. I voted for “help teen language learners learn to love reading”!
    hmcnaron at gmail

  86. Sharon Harmon says:

    I voted for Spelling Masters Exist by Mrs. B!

  87. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  88. Kathy Rambousek says:
  89. I like “Bringing Reading to Life”

  90. Erica Best says:
  91. I voted for Help Teen English Language Learners Love Reading! Ms. H

    Thanks! Great program :)!

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    romapup at gmail dot com

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  94. I voted for Bringing Reading To Life.

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  97. I voted for Colorful Classroom Carpet!

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  103. I voted for ‘Bringing Reading to Life’

  104. I voted for the “Calling All Kindergarten- Take Two” video.

  105. I voted for the Bringing Reading to Life project.

  106. I voted for Super Sonic Dinosaurs.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  107. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  108. Kathy Rambousek says:
  109. I voted for Young Authors in Need of Materials where the teacher needs gel writing boards and stylus’.

  110. I am an email subscriber.

  111. I am a Facebook fan (Andrea Hatfield)

  112. I voted for Bringing Reading to Life!

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  114. I voted for Help Inner City Kids Fall in Love with Novels! They want to get copies of The Giver for the class. Great book!

  115. I’m a fan of The Not-So-Blog on Facebook.

  116. Jennifer Short says:

    I voted for Tell Me and I will Forget, Show Me and I will Remember…

  117. Alisha Lesage says:

    I voted for “Moved to a Unit With No Outside Activities, Help!”

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  120. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  121. I voted for Sing A Joyful Song.Music is getting cut in schools and is important to me.I have taught my kids about everything from Beethoven to the Beatles(my daughters favorite song is Hey Jude and she is 4) but not every kid has that at home

  122. I am a subscriber

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    amanda h

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    I vloted for:New Teacher + New Classroom = Supplies NeededMrs. A

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  140. I voted for Art Supplies For Kindergarten Students with Special Needs Ms. h
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. I’m an email subscriber.

  142. I voted for Sing A Joyful Song.

  143. Kathy Rambousek says:
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  145. I voted for the Wanted: A Book ‘That Gives a List’…And Explains Clearly

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  149. I voted for the Literacy Center….

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    (Tamara Bennington)

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  160. Erica Best says:
  161. voted for the Wind Turbine Project, Claremore, OK

  162. Voted for READING ROCKS: Read-A-Thon to Build Literacy for Kids

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  163. Janna Johnson says:

    I voted or the wind turbine project!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  164. I voted for Project Connection.

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  167. I voted for SMART Table for smart kinderkids


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  170. I voted for “I Can’t Wait To Go To The Art Center Today”.

  171. I voted for Reinforcing FUN Reading Skills.

  172. i voted for Help Equip My Scholars Part 3

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    I voted for Mrs. P’s Help 2nd Grade Learn About Their World!

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    I voted for the robotics classroom in Texas
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  179. I voted for Science Made Fun and Exciting!Mrs. P

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  181. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
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  183. I voted for the Sharing the Moments of Learning

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  190. I voted for “Shh, don’t tell them they’re learning pre-algebra”.

  191. I voted for Motivating students with Autism through visual supports!

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  193. Kathy Rambousek says:
  194. I voted for Larger Leveled Library Needed For Literacy Lessons

  195. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  196. Voted for Smart Table!

  197. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  198. Voted for “We Need the Write Stuff”

  199. I voted for Organized Space, Organized Mind.

  200. I voted for Let’s Get Crafty! I think art is very important and that students should have the tools they need to express themselves!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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  205. I voted for the Let’s Read and Learn While Speaking project.

  206. I voted for MacGyver, You have a shoebox, a cup and tape. Now Teach!

  207. Facebook Fan! (SusanBenegas)

  208. voted for “The need for speed”

  209. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices says:
  210. I voted for Science in Style Part 2: Lab Coats for Research Students in Colorado.

  211. I’m an email subscriber

  212. I voted for I Never Knew I Could Do That!, which is requesting money for video cameras for disadvantaged students to learn filmmaking.

  213. I voted for the Start the Year off Right!

  214. I voted for the “Physical, Life, and Earth Science, Oh My” from Colorado.

  215. I voted for the Full Tummy, Open Mind project. Thank you!

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    I voted for still hungry for books.


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  222. STill Hungry for Books

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    I voted for Comfy Carpet

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  231. I voted for Round Out the Ensemble!

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    I voted for Saving $ With Re-Usable Items!.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  236. I voted for the Saving With Re-Usable items.


  237. I voted for the Saving With Re-Usable items. So great for Sonic to fund these projects.


  238. My favorite is Saving With Re-Usable items

  239. I voted for That’s Just “Ducky”.

  240. I follow you on twitter @samman324 and tweeted @

  241. I voted for That’s Just Ducky … my 1st comment got messed up.

  242. Lindsey Deal says:

    I voted for “Help Kids with Autism Receive Sensory Therapy!!”

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    I voted for the Let’s Read and Learn While Speaking project

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  254. Thanks for the giveaway…I would vote for “Still Hungry for Books!!”, to provide a diverse selection of reading materials for the classroom.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  255. voted for Let’s read and learn….thanks for the giveaway….

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  259. voted for Saving $ With Re-Usable Items! Mrs. T

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  261. My vote is for Hungry Bookworms Crave A Larger Classroom Library

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    I voted for Still Hungry for Books.

  264. I voted for That’s Just “Ducky”

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  266. I voted for Focused on Learning with Technology!
    Ms. B

  267. I voted for organization is key.

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  270. I voted for the Hungry Bookworms project. I love reading, too.

  271. I voted for shaping up together

  272. I voted for giving language to kids with CP and Autism using an I-pod.

  273. I voted for Still Hungry for Books!!

  274. Michelle H. says:

    I like the one for the playground for bad weather.

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