NFL Kickoff with Olivia Manning and Febreze!

It’s no secret here at Experimental Mommy that we bleed black and gold!  As our Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints (it’s still really fun to say that!) took the field on Thursday night, this City needed no other reason to party!  Donning my brand new Saints t-shirt, I headed for the French Quarter to walk among the other fans taking in the sights and incredible energy.  Jackson Square looked surreal with the big NFL archways and media cameras lining the streets, but I managed to make my way to Sponsor’s Village to meet with the team at Febreze.

Frebreze, the official air freshener of the NFL, parked their tour bus in the lot adjacent to Jax Brewery in order to help Moms in New Orleans get “Game Day Ready!”  The Febreze Game Day Freshness Tour will drive to NFL stadiums and local events nationwide to help fans freshen up their home for those all important game day parties.

With a little help from Olivia Manning, the First Lady of Football, we were treated to a full tour of the bus and the Febreze product line.  One of my favorite products demonstrated was the Febreze NOTICEables.  This plug-in freshener includes TWO complimentary scents that alternate to make sure you do not become unaware that it is working.  That is, you NOTICE the scents more because they constantly change!  Olivia recommended using this product in your kitchen after cooking up some seafood gumbo!

One of the newest products is the Febreze Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator.  Olivia said that she wishes she had this product when her boys (you may know them as Peyton and Eli, two Superbowl MVPs!) played high school football.  I had the opportunity to talk to Olivia about her boys, and wanted to share with you a short clip:

Olivia Manning shares many more tips and recipes on how to be Game Day ready on the Febreze Facebook Page!  Make sure you check out the tour dates and see if the bus is coming to a city near you!


  1. Bridgette,
    You are so right about Olivia Manning being incredibly nice. She sounds so sweet and smiles so brightly when she talks about her boys. I am a huge NY Giants fan, so Eli is a big favorite in our house.
    I’m glad you got to go to this event and were able to share it with us. 🙂


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