Liven Up Lunchboxes with Gerber!

With one daughter in Kindergarten and one in daycare, I am no stranger to packing lunches.  Traditionally, I grab the old favorites such as turkey sandwiches, grapes, peanut butter crackers or if I am feeling adventurous, I might make a turkey and cheese sandwich!  While I am sure my girls love everything I make (haha!), I am sure they would like a few surprises in their lunchboxes now and again.

I was happy to be given the opportunity to try some of Gerber’s new “on the go” products perfect for mixing it up at mealtime.  From the press release:

GERBER® GRADUATES® SMART SIPS™ dairy beverages and GRADUATES® Yogurt Blends snacks are tasty ways to make sure a toddler is receiving essential nutrients including those that help promote healthy growth and natural immune support. Specially prepared and packaged to require no refrigeration before opening, these products are great chilled or on-the-go options.

I was happy to receive three varieties of the Gerber Graduates Smart Sips including vanilla, plain and strawberry.  These drinks are described as  “made with a NUTRIPROTECT™ blend that provides your child with nutrients for healthy growth and natural immune support, such as iron, zinc, and vitamins A, C & E. SMART SIPS dairy beverages have no preservatives or artificial flavors. SMART SIPS dairy beverages are made with fat free milk produced without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics.”  I actually split each box so both of my daughters could try the flavor.  While neither were a fan of the plain, they both liked the vanilla and loved the strawberry.  As a Mom, I like that I have found an alternative to the juice box for lunch!  Knowing that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until after opening makes it a perfect lunchbox selection.

We also received samples of the Gerber Graduates Yogurt Blends in the banana vanilla variety.  Made with lowfat yogurt and natural fruit puree, these were a total hit with both girls!  Again, these do not need to be refrigerated until after opening (however, my girls did prefer them chilled) which makes it a perfect addition to the lunch kit.

Check out all the great products for all developmental levels on Gerber’s website.  Knowing that my girls are not only loving their lunches but are getting the essential nutrients and vitamins to make the most of their school day, puts this Mom’s mind at ease.

Thanks, Gerber!

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