Mom’s Do it All: Calendar and Planner Review

My schedule is a crazy blend of school, soccer, gymnastics, meetings, the occasional date night or girl’s night out…the list goes on and on.  Without a calendar I would not survive.  I was thrilled to recently receive the line of “Mom’s Do it All” calendars from Caleb Gray Studio. Caleb Gray designs innovative fabrics and has now lent his talents to these adorable calendars.  From the Orange Circle Studios Website“Loaded with product enhancements, Mom’s will enjoy improved function with this calendar compared to other leading organizing calendars.”

I received the 2011 Mom’s Do It All Planner, which I am now having a love affair with.  First off, it’s spiral bound so the pages stay flat.  It’s got a sturdy cover so it can stand up to a juice box malfunction, and it’s a whopping 17 months long!  The best part is, it’s not whopping in size so I can toss it in my purse without weighing it down.  Along the way you have plenty of space to fill in your family members’ activities by either writing them in or using the adorable stickers provided. There are even tear out To Do and Grocery lists.  The planner starts in August (because that’s when school starts and Moms really kick into high gear) and goes week-by-week so you can get a feel for how crazy your life will be for the next 7 days.  Using this planner is so easy and makes your life look so nice and neat you might even be able to resist that urge to clone yourself so you can be at soccer, ballet, and the PTA meeting all at one time.

Here is a week in my life!

The bigger version of the planner is the Moms Do It All Calendar, with magnetic pages so that it hangs easily on “mission control” in the house….the fridge.  A clip-on pen makes things easy, along with fold out tabs so each family member gets his or her own space, and pockets so you can keep track of that plumber’s name you scrawled on the gum wrapper you found in your purse.   This calendar has stickers too so you can easily mark things like birthday parties, carpool, and dentist appointments without taking up extra space.   The colors are soft so it’s not an eyesore in your house like that freebie calendar you got from your insurance agent!

The Mom’s Do it All line is inexpensive and adorable, and available at Orange Circle Studios,,  and Barnes and Noble.  Best of all, their inexpensive price is hard to beat!  With these calendars, you CAN do it all!

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