Happy Heads Review! (A Type-A Mom’s MUST read!)

I have a few fears in life.  Green peas, lizards, and being caught at the grocery without makeup are a few.  One of my biggest:  HEAD LICE.  As an elementary school teacher, lice (the word just kinds makes you itch, right?) is a common childhood experience…..that I’d rather not deal with.  For one, I am a germophobe personified, and two, EWWWW!  But, lice have no prejudice and prefer to live in the cleanest kid’s hair.  With my children’s fair hair, lice would be a nightmare in this house…or anyone’s for that matter.  A friend once dealt with lice with all three of her girls who had waist-length hair and a home that looked like a museum.  Think floor length drapes in every room and chi-chi expensive pillows everywhere.    She called it the most humbling experience of her life.   Getting rid of them takes serious work.

That’s why when I was asked to do the review for Happy Heads, I was a little confused because we have (knocking wood) never had lice.  Then I found out that Happy Heads was not only a lice treatment system, but a lice PREVENTION system as well.  I was in hair heaven when I heard this news!

From the website: “Melissa Gordon is the founder and owner of Happyheads Services, LLC. She personally understands the stress and anxiety of getting head lice. When her twins were in kindergarten, they brought head lice home and shared it with her. Her trials with the predicament were frustrating, confusing and exhausting. She found conflicting advice and information online. She was concerned about the chemicals she was using on her kids’ heads. And, just as she thought she had rid her children, herself and her home of lice, they were back.”

After that hair raising experience, Melissa worked to develop her line of FDA-Registered, Non-Toxic Happy Heads products.  I happily opened my box of Scootie Cootie Shampoo and Spray Leave-in conditioner.  These products, when used daily in combination with the Bye-Bye Lice Shampoo, can keep your child’s head free of those nasty little buggers the whole school year long.  The first thing that I noticed was the smell.  Since my brothers both had lice as kids (thankfully just once) I remember the smell of the shampoo my mom had to use on them.  This was totally different!  No chemical smell that makes you fear your child might wake up with a third eye, just a fresh, clean smell that lice happen to hate.  In fact, the smell was identical to the frou-frou shampoo at the frou-frou salon I used to go to until I came to my senses and realized I shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to get a haircut.  But I digress……

My head is happy!

Em happily agreed to have her hair washed and had no side effects at all from the shampoo, other than excessive giggling while I took the picture.  Afterwards, the spray helped me to comb through her hair and left it smelling clean.  Once her hair was dry, it still had a light scent but not overpowering, and did not feel or appear coated or weighed down by the products.   I am sold!  I most definitely intend to keep using the Happy Heads products to prevent lice.  Too late for you?  Happy Heads has treatment products too!  Stay cootie free and you’ll have a Happy Head in your house too.

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