Congrats to all the recent winners! I will be emailing you today. Please see my winners’ policy in order to claim your prize!

Sand Gone: Kimberly

Feel Goodz: Brenda

HawthoRNe: Marilyn L.

1800FLOWERS: Kim B.

Channellock: Susan

Reese’s: Twanda

MobiGo: Jodi

KidCraft Rockers: Tara V.

TwinLab: Gianna

Vincent Shoes: Nicole C.


  1. was that a typo?? Did I win the Reeses? Can’t find an email to ask and didn’t get an email (yet?)

  2. haven’t sent an email just yet! Stay tuned!

  3. *sigh* no email in either accts that I use… guess it wasn’t me 🙁 Congrats to those who did win

  4. I did send you an email! Do you not see it yet? Check your spam folder.

  5. I did… nothing
    it’s a relatively new email so not much spam… (yet) (why couldn’t I be named something simple like Mary… lol)

  6. …it’s kinda wierd… I get excited when I see something is actually in my Junk folder… 😉 yeah… I said it was pretty new 😉

  7. can I send info via facebook or will it get lost?

  8. just signed up for email from notsoblog… confirm went through no problem…

  9. got my first newsletter… is it the same email?

  10. Yep, I will try again!

  11. nope… sent an email to the addy listed on newsletters… this is too weird (no… I did not Reply to the newsletter…) PLEASE let me know you got it 😉 (bet it’s 10 years before I show up as a winner again… this is crazy! lol)

  12. oh… geeze… time for the joke disclaimer… “I know winners are picked randomly regardless of the personal feelings or stress level of the contest hoster…”
    I know that and was ONLY making a JOKE to keep the hair on my head… 😉

  13. Have you heard anything about the Guidecraft Rockers?

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