Wendy’s New Salads: Review

Because both my husband and I work full time, I find that we reach for fast food a few times a week for either lunch or dinner.  While it is certainly convenient, there isn’t much variety.  I often find myself tired of the traditional burger and longing for something different…..like a great salad.  However, ordering a salad at a fast food restaurant can be quite risky.  In my experience, these types of salads have included soggy lettuce with a presentation that looks like it’s been in the container for a week.

On my latest fast food crawl, I found myself at Wendy’s (it’s pretty close to my work).  On the window, I saw several new salads that peaked my curiosity.  Knowing that the actual product never looks like the picture, I was skeptical.  But, Wendy’s offered to have me come in and try one of the salads on them!  Nothing to lose, right?  On my next visit,  I chose the new Apple Pecan Chicken Salad which includes:

Lettuce (iceberg, romaine and spring mix), roasted pecans, Granny Smith and Red Apple slices, grilled chicken, sweet dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and an all-natural pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.

I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised when opening the salad….it looks delicious.  In a recent presentation done by Wendy’s, I learned that the lettuce is USA grown and goes from harvest to your store in 3-8 days.  To ensure your salad is never soggy, each store has it’s own salad spinner!  My lettuce was indeed crunchy and not soggy in the least.  My favorite part of the salad was the pecans!  Roasted with sea salt, cayenne pepper and sugar, they were divine!

Another reason I love Wendy’s new salad is that it allows for you to customize the ingredients to suit your dietary needs.  Watching your calories?  Don’t add the pecans (although that is a total waste of good pecans! LOL!) or use only one packet of dressing instead of two to remove some unwanted fat grams.

Next time you are in a hurry, but looking for something out of the ordinary, stop by Wendy’s for one of their new YUMMY salads!  Choose from Apple Pecan Chicken, Baja, Spicy Chicken Caesar, and BLT Cobb.  Don’t forget to follow Wendy’s on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news!


  1. They look like great salads, I hope the price is a good one.

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