Talk Back to the TV! Watch The View!

The girls at The View are off enjoying some R&R this week so we are living in re-run city, but I thought I would share today’s show details as it was a good one, and still fairly recent.

The women started out by discussing what lengths Moms should go to in order to protect their kids from the day-to-day stuff that might happen to hurt them…..everything from smashing their fingers in a non-baby-proofed cabinet to getting kicked by a playground bully.  This is a constant part of my life.  As an elementary school teacher (with children the same age) I constantly walk that fine line between intervening when things get out of hand as opposed to letting kids fight their own battles so they can learn to fend for themselves.  It’s a very, very, tough call sometimes.  Most of the time, whatever decision I make, I always re-think later and wonder if I should have done it differently.  What’s your solution?  Do y’all step in, or stay out of it?

karate Karate Kid stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan visited the show to talk about their hit movie.  This is a movie we haven’t made it to yet, but want to.  I didn’t realize the new Karate Kid dealt with the topic of bullying and I am glad to hear that.  I think more movies and TV shows that appeal to kids should address bullying as much as possible to continually get the message out to children about the way they should treat others.   Jackie and Jaden really seemed to have a great rapport on the set and it sounds like the new Karate Kid movie will become as well loved as the original with Ralph Macchio.  (What happened to him, by the way?)  Jaden Smith (son of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) is one confident and funny kid for being so young.  I am sure his career will last a long time!

Kirsten Kemp Becker from TLC’s Property Ladder stopped by to talk about the ongoing property slump.  This is something that has hit my hometown pretty hard.  It’s a buyer’s market right now for sure with houses for sale everywhere!  The problem is, if you have to sell your house in order to buy another, you’re out of luck!  Very frustrating!  Kirsten showed houses in Tacoma, WA, Boulder, CO, and Pittsburg, PA, that provide a lot of bang for the buck.  Other areas where you can scoop up a lot of house for the money include several areas of Florida, Wilmington, NC, and Texas.  Also, if you have never seen Property Ladder, you need to check it out.  I love that show! alison

Style Expert Alison Deyette stopped by to talk about how to find designer labels for less by checking out your local T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s.  I will say I have found some ridiculously good buys at both places every time I go, I just have to psych myself up to go dig through it all!  All the outfits the models had one were cute!  In fact, I just went shopping yesterday and came home frustrated because I found nothing.  Might have to hit T.J. Maxx this weekend!  In the meantime, keep watching The View!

Disclosure: As a “View Ambassador,” I was given financial compensation by ABC Daytime to write my opinions of the recent View episodes.  However, all opinions remain 100% my own.

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