Talk Back to the T.V. Wrap-up! Watch The View!

It seems fitting that my last day to talk about The View with you is a “Day of Hot Topics!”  This is by far my favorite part of the show.  The Fab 4 (still missing Barbara Walters who plans to be back soon) were ready to roll today.  Sherri was thrilled to announce that she has gotten her dream role of playing a part in a Janet Evanovich movie that is nearing production!  Congrats Sherri!

Whoopi, still jetlagged and loopy from her flight in from Vienna, dove right into “Reality Show” fame.  Reports have surfaced that one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses will be starring in Celebrity Apprentice (gag) but recently checked into Celebrity Rehab.  Give. Me. A. Break.  So now you can contribute to a breakup of a marriage and that makes you a celebrity?  That makes me ill.  In that same vein, (or should I say “vain?”)  Spencer Pratt tells People magazine that he and wife Heidi Montag  have broken up because he wants fame and she does not.  Who else is sick of these two?  I put them in the same category as the cast of Jersey Shore, another prime example of pure garbage on TV earning more money than dedicated and hardworking teachers, research scientists looking to cure cancer, and other noble professionals who are trying to make a difference.  Can we just form some other planet where all these people can coexist without me having to look at them?

Kathy Griffin has gotten herself into hot water for some ugly comments about Senator Scott Brown.  Comments she made during her show “My Life on the D-List” included a crack about his daughters being prostitutes, which they are not.  Elisabeth said that politician’s kids are “off limits” and that if someone had made the same comments about President Obama’s daughters, people would be up in arms.  Joy shot back that things like this happen when politicians “parade” their children in front of the media.  While I agree that more exposure may put children at a bigger risk, it came off looking like Joy thinks it’s Senator Brown’s fault, WHICH IT IS NOT.  That’s like saying it’s a woman’s fault if she gets sexually assaulted for wearing a skirt that’s too short.  Wake up, Joy!  It’s all about RESPECT!

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me!” (And Senator Brown’s kids)

The next Hot Topic was something that really got my interest- a school in Massachusets is sending home “fat letters” to alert parents if their child’s Body Mass Index can mean future weight problems.  A lot of people took offense and the bottom line is, we are raising an unhealthy generation of kids.  P.E.  is often reduced or eliminated altogether, and it’s hard to keep the kids off the couch.  Whoopi made a good point that it’s a lot more expensive to shop for healthy foods like fruit and vegetables than it is to shop for junk, and that’s a fact.

We can’t have a day of Hot Topics without more dish on Mel Gibson!  His ex-wife has come out in his defense against the abuse allegations and says that despite Oksana Grigorieva’s claims, she did not experience any abuse at the hands of Mel.  Good to know…..I guess.  How much room is on this dream planet I want to exist?

Former CIA Agent,  Valerie Plame Wilson came to visit today to talk about how she became a spy.  Her identity was eventually revealed in 2003 and that ended her career in a firestorm of controversy.   Her story is very interesting and I can’t imagine having a lifestyle like hers, especially finding out she’s the mother of ten year old twins.  How she kept her secrets covered up with her close girlfriends I will never know…..I tell mine everything!  Valerie has a new documentary called “Countdown to Zero” that takes a long, hard look at nuclear weapons and the terrorists’ intent to use them.  It’s a terrifying thought.   The documentary looks incredibly thought-provoking and is in select theaters this Friday.

As this is my final post on The View, I would like to thank ABC Daytime for giving me the opportunity to be a View Ambassador.  I have really enjoyed being able to give my two cents on the shows every day and I hope you all have enjoyed reading them.  On that note, if ABC Primetime ever needs me to be a McDreamy Ambassador, look no further!  I am your woman for the job!

Please? Pretty please?

Once again, try to find some time in your schedule for The View!  Think of it as an hour to “get smart” and see what the view looks like in the world we live in!

Disclosure: As a “View Ambassador,” I was given financial compensation by ABC Daytime to write my opinions of the recent View episodes.  However, all opinions remain 100% my own.

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