Talk Back to the T.V.! Watch The View with Clay Aiken!

Clay Aiken joined the crew on The View today, filling in while Barbara is finishing up her recovery.  The ladies and Clay launched into Hot Topics (which is definitely my favorite part of the show) and dove into Mad Mel once again.  It seems Mel didn’t get my memo yesterday and is still putting his manic rants out there.  Is there any way the mayor of Hollywood can issue a gag order for Mel so that he just can’t talk anymore at all?  Mr. Mayor, if you are reading this, I beg you.  Please.  I’ll fly out there myself and do it with duct tape, if you wish.  If you haven’t heard Mel putting his whole leg in his mouth, not just his foot, check out The ladies and Clay speculate that Mel may never recover his image after losing it this time.   Whoopi wondered why Oksana went to RadarOnline first rather than go to the police?  So much speculation and tidbits of unconfirmed information.  The only confirmation I can offer is:  Mel’s lost it, y’all. I mean, we all kind of thought he lost it for agreeing to star in Lethal Weapon 4, but this time he’s really lost it.  For reals.

Can we go back and change the name of Mel's blockbuster from Braveheart to Pottymouth?

Next up on Hot Topics was the recent controversy regarding the survey sent out to service men and women regarding openly gay soldiers and how you would feel about it.  The survey was put out by the Pentagon and has offended many.

Hey, only children out there!  Did you know a recent study by Time magazine shows that it’s a myth that only children are more selfish than those individuals with siblings who have to compete for parental attention?  I will say that although some days I would have paid someone to take my two younger brothers, I am glad I was not an only, and I hope and pray my two children feel the same way.  On the same note, a recent New York  Magazine article says that there are many parents out there that claim to love their kids but hate their life.  Ouch. I hope none of the moms I know feel that way, but I will say that we all know parenthood isn’t something to be entered into lightly, or something to do just because you feel like you’re “supposed to.”  Food for thought there, boys and girls!

Rock star Bret Michaels came to visit and discuss his recent health scare after a brain hemorrhage that almost ended his life.  After years of hard living, Bret is now taking precautions to ensure he will live a long time and will have another surgery in January.  Bret talked about the possibility of being the next judge on American Idol to replace Simon.  I would love to see that! Bret also sang a song from his new album Custom Built and sounded every bit as strong as he did back in his glory days.  Need a definition of “glory days?”  See below.

Does this picture make any of you laugh as hard as I do when I see it? Now for you youngsters, back in the day, this was considered HOT. Crikey.

Wrapping up today was adorable Lisa Lillien (aka The Hungry Girl) to show everyone some easy swaps to save calories on pigs in a blanket, hot wings, potstickers, mushroom tartlets, and even some favorite summer drinks that can be found in her new book, Hungry Girl Happy Hour.

Today’s show was a great one!  I always find something interesting to think about on The View.  I have found that the more I watch, the more I get used to the girls fighting for “talk time” over each other during Hot Topics!  It’s just like when my girlfriends and I get together….none of us can get a word in edgewise.  I have sort of felt sorry for the guest co-hosts…..none of them can compete with the chattiness!  If I were co-hosting I’d have to bring a talking stick or something!  Can’t wait to see who’s chatting tomorrow on The View!

Disclosure: As a “View Ambassador,” I was given financial compensation by ABC Daytime to write my opinions of the recent View episodes.  However, all opinions remain 100% my own.

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