Step Stool Supply: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The two step kids stool from Step Stool Supply will be a great way to help both of my daughters become more independent in the bathroom by allowing them to reach the sink alone.

materials One Two Step Kids Stool in white from Step Stool Supply and both of my daughters who could use a lift at the sink!  About the product from Step Stool Supply:

This handsome two-step stool will lift your child to sink height or give you the extra inches you need to reach the highest shelf. This step stool would look great with your child’s name decorated on it.

Multiple handholds make it easy to carry from room to room. Large steps give you or your child added security.

results My youngest is in the process of potty training.  Of course, part of potty training is teaching good bathroom hygiene including washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.  After Katrina, we renovated our bathroom and for some reason thought that a taller vanity would be the way to go….of course, this is before we had potty trained kids.  So, neither of my girls can reach the sink unassisted.  So, the opportunity to review a kids stool from Step Stool Supply definitely appealed to me!


When the two step stool arrived, I was pleased to see that it was Guidecraft!  I own several pieces from this brand and know the quality is top notch.  The stool was very easy to assemble and fits great with the decor in my bathroom.  The best part about this stool (besides my kids being able to reach the sink) is that the top step includes storage!  Who doesn’t want (or need) more storage?!  We decided to place the girls hair products in the stool…brushes, pony tail holders, barrettes, etc.  Now, the girls can not only reach the sink unassisted, but can choose their hair accessories, too!  One less step for Mom in the morning is a good thing!

hypothesis We received the two step stool from Step Stool Supply for review.  We were very pleased with the quality of the stool and the promptness of shipping.  The stool can be purchased in either white or natural for $37.99.  In addition to step stools for kids, the company sells kitchen stools and medical step stools as well!


Do your kids need a lift?  Step Stool Supply has generously offered one lucky reader the same two step stool reviewed in this post!

How to enter:

1. Visit Step Stool Supply and tell me another stool that would be useful around your home!

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This product review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a different experience. A product was provided to facilitate this review, but all opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. The John Deere Storage Step Stool would go perfectly in my grandson’s room.

  2. Kik-Step Library Step Stool looks like something for the lr to sit and get on the shevles safely

  3. The two step kitchen folding stool would be helpful to my kids and I to reach the high cabinets in our kitchen.
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