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Can you believe that Christmas is only a little over 5 months away?  Each year it seems to sneak up on me and before I know it, the time has come for our annual family photo session (thanks, April!) for our Christmas card.  We generally take our picture in late October and select our card design no later than mid-November which is all closer than I want to think about right now!  Fortunately, I found a great site, Cards Direct, which features a HUGE selection of holiday cards!  About CardsDirect:

cardsdirect CardsDirect is quite simply passionate about greeting cards. In our electronic world where millions of emails, texts, and instant messages are exchanged daily, we know that a traditional hand signed Greeting Card can grab someone’s attention unlike most other forms of communication. Think back to the last time you received an unexpected card from a friend or associate . . . the appreciation you felt that someone put the time and thought into sending you a card. CardsDirect knows that a quality card, professionally printed with your personal message or brand, at the best value, is an effective way to promote yourself or company with others. cardsdirect4

Looking around the site, I instantly fell in love with the unique Christmas card designs.  There is even a whole section dedicated to Professional holiday cards which are perfect for Doctors, Legal Offices and a ton of other professions!  My Mom is a Realtor and this one would be great for her clients (what do you think, Mom?).

cardsdirect5 In just a few weeks, my sister in law is expecting a baby girl, so I was checking out the birth announcements and photo cards.  How can you resist the sweet baby faces in these baby announcements?!?  I love the unique designs and the fact that you can order as little as 25 cards (envelopes are included).  And the price is great, too!  Many of the Christmas Photo Cards I have my eye on for this year are available as low as $0.84 a piece.  Not bad at all!

Before the holiday season sneaks up on you, check out CardsDirect for this year’s inspiration!

A stipend was received for this post from CardsDirect.  All opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. Mendel Potok says:

    .84 cents each? Awesome! Do you know if they have discounts for bulk greeting cards?

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