Constructive Playthings New Toy Catalog Arrived!

Have you heard that I was chosen as an official Constructive Playthings Mom?  As a long time customer, I have watched my children learn and grow on these toys.  And now, I am happy to be able to share with you my picks and finds from this great company.

A few days ago, the new Constructive Playthings catalog arrived!  I was excited to look through the pages to see what was new.  But before I could, my daughter ran through and saw the art supplies on the front cover and took off running with the catalog.  When she reappeared, the catalog had been inked up with gift suggestions for the next three Christmases and Birthdays!

The front cover obviously appealed to my daughter, but I loved the next two pages which were filled with kitchen accessories.  My girls love pretend playing in their little kitchen and the Party Time Pottery Set, an exclusive of Constructive Playthings, would be perfect for them!  My attention was also drawn to the Creative Minds page which features bright colors and many different art supplies including a really cool Creativity Center.

While I do love the convenience of online shopping, I still love having a tangible catalog in hand to browse.  Constructive Playthings does a great job of grouping the toys which makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for (looking for a great deal?  The SALE pages are marked with a red border).
if you would like to check out the toys at Constructive Playthings, please request your free toy catalog before the holidays arrive!  Also, make sure you are following on Twitter so you don’t miss any updates!

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