Buy It Now! Open Sky shop coming soon to Experimental Mommy!

Each day here at Experimental Mommy, I love sharing my favorite products for baby, kids and Moms. At the end of each review, I usually point you in the correct direction to purchase these great finds. While increasing exposure and sales for these brands is a definite benefit, clicking away from my site just might make you miss something BIG! So, I am pleased to let you know that thanks to a new platform called Open Sky, you will be able to buy some of your favorite products right here without leaving Experimental Mommy!

Starting August 10th, Open Sky will allow me to sell products that I love directly on my site and allows small businesses a greater audience and potential sales. I will have total control of my store and will only be offering hand selected items to you. In fact, I had the opportunity to enjoy a sneak peak of the new platform and ordered a great product which promptly arrived on my doorstep! Buying from an Open Sky seller such as myself, will save you time and provide you with an open, honest review of the product before purchasing.

Are you interested in setting up your own Open Sky shop? Or perhaps selling your product through the Open Sky platform? Get in before the August 10th launch!