Talk Back to the TV part 4: Watch The View!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (ABC’s Modern Family) came to hang out with the ladies on The View today.  The ladies and Jesse wasted no time getting into Hot Topics today.  Cleansing diets were the first thing discussed, with Elisabeth being in the middle of a juice cleanse.  This was kind of a yucky conversation, I will say!  I have never done a cleanse but I know people who have and swear by them.  Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Simpson are no strangers to the dieting/cleansing world either, and now Gwyneth is afflicted with a condition that is a precursor to osteoporosis.  This has some wondering if her constant use of cleansing diets have contributed.  Elisabeth commented that too much of anything is never a good thing!  I guess that means a Sonic Diet Coke Cleanse is probably not something I need to be doing?

At any rate, I am starting to notice that Joy Behar has a habit of not taking anything Elisabeth Hasselbeck says or does seriously.  They are polar opposites.  While I do like both of them individually, it’s almost like Joy is the authority figure and looks at Elisabeth like she is some young dimwit.  In my opinion, most of the stuff that comes out of Elisabeth’s mouth is shut down or “pooh-poohed” by Joy.  It’s becoming kind of grating.  While I admit that Elisabeth has sparked lots of controversy over a variety of foot-in-mouth comments, I still think she’s a valuable part of the show and Joy needs to lighten up.

See Joy?  Happy and Fancy-free?  Not like she wants to claw Elisabeth's eyes out?  This is what I like.  Happy happy Joy Joy.

See Joy? Happy and Fancy-free? Not like she wants to claw Elisabeth's eyes out? This is what I like. Happy happy Joy Joy.

Did y’all hear about Kayla Martell?  She was just crowned Miss Delaware!  This might not seem unusual but Kayla has Alopecia, a condition which causes her to lose her hair.  What a beautiful testimony to not letting a physical characteristic stop you from achieving a goal.  This is one of the reasons I like The View….without Hot Topics, I would have never known about Kayla.

Uber-talented, Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren stopped by with her husband Taylor Hackford to discuss their new movie, Love Ranch. Based on a true story, Love Ranch is about a couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada.  Helen and Taylor discussed their  love story, which is long-standing by today’s Hollywood standards.  The movie seems to be very thought-provoking and interesting.  Another reason to see it?  Helen Mirren’s love interest in the film, Sergio Peris-Mencheta.  **swoon**

Sergio.  Needs no explanation.

Sergio. Needs no explanation.

Last on The View today was Tonya Craft, a teacher who was recently acquitted  of charges that she sexually molested her daughter and two other girls.  As a teacher myself, I can tell you this is high on the list of  being every school professional’s nightmare.  Despite passing two polygraph tests, Tonya had to stand trial and lost custody of her children in the process.  She is now working to regain her life back.  Tonya’s story is a great reminder for all parents to have appropriate discussions with their children regarding good touch vs. bad touch.  It’s something you can never assume your child’s school or anyone else will handle  for you.  We  have always had open and honest conversations with our kids about what is appropriate and we never, ever let our guard down.  Some might think we are over protective, but my school of thought is better to be safe than sorry.

Tomorrow on The View:  General Hospital cutie James Franco!  Check it out!

Disclosure: As a “View Ambassador,” I was given financial compensation by ABC Daytime to write my opinions of the recent View episodes.  However, all opinions remain 100% my own.


  1. I recently started watching the view again and have also noticed the whole Joy vs Elisabeth tension. I usually agree with Joy but it does make me feel a little uncomfortable to watch. Especially today when they were talking about the whole “only” child topic. Im an only child and I never felt lonely or slighted because i was an “only” child.

  2. I have watched the view for many years. In the morning I want to watch something fun and light, sometimes that show can get a bit on the mean side. Still watch it, Maybe Elizabeth is just a bit too boring for my taste, but they keep her for ratings I guess.

  3. I loved the Tonya Craft segment of the show… how inspiring!

  4. I want to go on a Diet Coke cleanse…lol! You know, I have never seen this program before.

  5. Shop with Me Mama (Kim) says:

    Great topics on the view. Always something going on. 🙂


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