Talk Back to the T.V. (Part 2): Watch The View on ABC!

Got some more “me” TV time today!  The View was another home-run today with comedians D. L. Hughley and eye-candy MSNBC host Thomas Roberts filling in for Barbara and Whoopi’s absence.


view Hot Topics was hot right off the bat again today with more discussion about the BP oil spill.  There was a healthy debate rolling about President Obama’s recent calling for prayer for help in regards to the oil crisis.  Apparently, comedienne Janeane Garofalo recently appreared on Joy Behar’s show and called the president “anti-intellectual” for relying on faith to help us get through this crisis.  Ouch.  At day 63 of this mess, I would be thankful for any shred of hope, prayer, or good vibe being sent to the Gulf coast, regardless of my Christian beliefs or lack thereof.  Needless to say, Joy and Elisabeth got into it about the meaning of intelligence vs. faith.   I, for one, am a proud Catholic girl, and I think “faith” is summed up simply by saying you’ve got to believe in something greater, even if you don’t have concrete proof that it’s there…..that’s why they call it FAITH.  That being said, I do respect other’s beliefs even when they are different from mine.  Religion and beliefs is a sure-fire way to get a debate going, that’s for sure.  Today was no exception.  Looks like this topic sparked some debate on The View message boards as well.  What do y’all think?

I like Joy Behar, but she reminds me a lot of the brash and rowdy Aunt we all have in our families…..she’s got her opinion and she’s not going to stop until she drowns you out and gets her point across.  Elisabeth seems to take the most heat from her but she does a pretty decent job of sticking to her guns!  I think Sherri does a good job of being the happy medium.  While she has her opinions she does a fantastic job of being the soothing calm in the storm….always trying to give her thoughts while empathizing with the other side.

Hot Topics shifted gears pretty quickly to discussion of “sugar daddies”, legal sentencing for those who are caught with child pornography, and blood donation for gay men. Yikes!  I think many of these topics are obviously huge ones and maybe needed to be spaced out for a more thorough debate rather than having them both brought up on one day.  They kind of got “glossed over” for lack of time.

Today’s first guest was Good Morning America journalist, George Stephanopoulos who gave his take on some of today’s top headlines.  Again, the oil spill was brought to the forefront, along with the President’s recent decision to recall General McCrystal from Afghanistan over some flack from a Rolling Stone Magazine interview.  I will admit this had flown under my radar so seeing this on The View immediately prompted me to do a little research and find out more.  Thanks, Google!

On a lighter note, Jeffrey Donovan came to hang out for a bit at the end of the show to talk about his hit series “Burn Notice.” This show looks great!  I haven’t seen it but it looks like something my husband and I would like to watch.  Jeffrey’s visit was a nice way to take the heat off the super-charged discussions that dominated most of the time on today’s show.  I do like how The View finds a way most days to end on a happy note, even when the claws have been out for the majority of air time!

Did you know you can follow The View on Twitter? Looks like Elisabeth will be moderating on Wednesday.  This will definitely be interesting!  Can’t wait to see how Joy handles having Elisabeth in charge!  I am betting Elisabeth will be eating her Wheaties in the morning!  🙂

Disclosure: As a “View Ambassador,” I was given financial compensation by ABC Daytime to write my opinions of the recent View episodes.  However, all opinions remain 100% my own.

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