Mom Goes Beyond by Aquafresh: $50 Walmart Card Giveaway

I have often related being a Mom to a Ringmaster of a 3 ring circus!  Managing the acts going on in a 3 rings (work duties, mom duties and relationship duties) is more than a full time job.  I find myself being a referee, a counselor, a nurse, a playmate, a taxi driver, a cook and a teacher on a daily basis!  And you know what?  I LOVE IT!

Aquafresh wants to honor Moms that Go Beyond the call of duty for their little loved ones!  From the press release:

aquafresh Aquafresh is committed to lending moms a hand by supplying them with products, such as the amazing iso-active Whitening toothpaste, that achieves 33% better whitening compared to a non-whitening toothpaste. Now it’s your turn to share what makes you work beyond as Aquafresh wants to hear about these moments and celebrate you as mom through their Mom Goes Beyond campaign.

Sharing your story no later than June 9th right here about how you overcome unique challenges to give your all enters you to win some great prizes from Aquafresh!  One reader’s story will win 2 coupons for FREE Aquafresh iso-active Whitening toothpaste and the most compelling story will win a $50 Walmart gift card!  The winner of the $50 Walmart card will also be entered in a Grand Prize drawing to be held by Aquafresh.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a year’s supply of Aquafresh iso-active Whitening Toothpaste and a $500 shopping spree at Walmart!! The Grand Prize winner will be selected and announced on Aquafresh’s Facebook page on July 7th!

How to enter:

1.  Tell me how you are a Mom that Goes Beyond!  Simple as that!

Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on June 9th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. I was not compensated for this post other than free product as part of the Aquafresh Ambassador program.


  1. I fight for my kids rights in school because they have some disabilities the school is not willing to accept and give accomodations!

  2. I think all moms are challenged on a regular basis but my kids and I are starting over- without abuse or anger, and they are safe and happy- its a new life and hard at times but they deserve the best

  3. Lacey Long says:

    I refuse to except anything other than the best for my boys. I have made the choice to homeschool them because we live in a rural town with a terrible program for children with disabilities. My youngest was diagnosed with autism about 1 1/2 years ago. I drive him an hour one way twice a week for therapy (I said rural). But I would not change anything, I love being with them everyday, we have fun (even doing school)!

  4. Soha Molina says:

    I go beyond for my child by staying involved in her school as much as possible. I am a member of the PTA and a room helper. I volunteer as much as I can i her class/school.

  5. The biggest event as a mom that I’ve ever faced is when my daughter was born 13 weeks too early. I had a 2 year old son at home who needed his mom and a critically ill daughter who was in a hospital an hour away. I was torn daily on where I should be. I also had to learn how to give my son some sort of normalcy. Of course, soon I learned that what I was going through was nothing compared to what I had to deal with when our daughter died at 6 weeks old. It would have been so easy to just go to bed and stay there. Definitely was not an option for me. Our families were both far away and my husband had to work. I had to learn to put on a happy face for my son and keep living. There were plenty of times that he saw me cry but I really tried to save all my tears for after he went to bed. I struggled so much but was determined to keep living while also keeping my daughter’s memory alive. I did all the hard work necessary to get through that time. I have also been able to use my experience to help other moms. I will never understand why our daughter was taken from us, but I have learned to cherish the short time we had with her and to love every single moment I have with our children.

  6. shawn mckim says:

    I know my mom was my support thoughout my growing up. She was the only stability I had as a child.

  7. I was a young widow and had to educate myself and raise my daughters. I did successfully. Now I am a Nana of 7. During the school year I take one child every other week and give them a week-end with a doting Nana. During the summer I take one at a time for a week and spoil them with love and attention.

    PS by the end of the summer I am one tired Nana.

  8. I am a mom that went beyond to have my family. My Mom Challenge was overcoming the fear of losing another child, and going on to get pregnant again. Our second daughter was stillborn, full-term, and while I knew that having another child would be somewhat helpful and healing, it was terrifying to think of going through another entire pregnancy, only to have it end it tragedy.

    With the help of a support group, my husband, friends, and family, I went on to have three more children. Part of me wanted to never get pregnant again, and another part wanted more children. The challenge was overcoming the fear, so that I could do what I am best at, which is being a mother.

    I salute all moms who have overcome infertility, tragedy, or any issues that made it more difficult to become moms. Their courage is Above and Beyond.

  9. I have 3 children and I’ve never had anyone take care of them (other than their daddy) a day in their lives. Our families live out of state so we’ve never had any outside help. I pride myself on having been able to raise them and guide them on our own.

  10. EMMA L HORTON says:


  11. By setting aside time to read with them. They love it.

  12. I always put my family’s needs before mine. They know that I will do anything for them, at any time.

  13. Nadine L says:

    According to my daughter, my “beyond” was sticking with her through a very bad time in our lives. She was in a bad car accident, almost lost her life. She was prescribed Oxicontin for the pain from her many injuries. Unknown to me she became addicted to the pain killer. (call me naive or just blind to what was going on) She started using all her paycheck to buy more off the street. When she couldn’t afford that anymore, she went to Heroin, it was the same high (an opiate) and much, much cheaper. We battled through years of addiction with her. Program after program, hospital after hospital. It got to the point where she stole my car and my husbands safe with his employees payroll. That’s when I realized it was going to take tough love. I pressed charges, put her in jail and got her court ordered rehab when she got out. To this day she tells me it was that tough love and doing the hardest thing I have ever done (putting her in jail) to get her life straightened out again. I now volunteer at a rehab to help other drug addicted teens. She always tells me I went above and beyond and changed her life.

  14. I make sure my girls are well cared for by taking them to the doctors, their gymnastics, swimming, school, I bathe them, I work full time to provide for them, I make sure their child care is above standards, I play with them, I bandage them, I read to them, I am there for them

  15. Sarah G says:

    So far the biggest challenge I’ve faced as a mom was when my daughter was born. We didn’t know who would care for her, if both my husband & I worked. But, after thousands of dollars of hospital bills (I had a very difficult pregnancy) on top of college loans, we were not sure that we could afford to live on one income. However, we made the decision that I would be a stay at home mom, no matter how financially difficult it would be. So, over the last two years, I’ve had to figure out unique ways to supplement our income (i.e. mystery shopping, etc) that I could do, even when my husband was traveling. The Lord has definitely provided along the way, and our daughter has never starved or been watched by anyone besides my husband & I. 😉

  16. I go to work every day to provide for them. I come home miserable and tired, but rally to spend the evening smiling and playing with them!

  17. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I face the challenge everyday of raising my brilliant son, who has autism, against those who don’t understand him and tease him.

  18. Ashley S says:

    I make sure the kids have everything they need, and are living happy, healthy lives!

  19. i just am!

  20. Janna Johnson says:

    My Mom goes beyond by always giving me gas money when I viisiti!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  21. Debra F says:

    I have been blessed and graced with the most loving mom. My mom adopted me at 3 days old, never lied to me, and more importantly, never made me feel anything but loved and wanted. I will always remember being told that I was specially picked from thousands of babies (OK, so maybe she lied, but what a great one!). Never for one day did I doubt her love, and I never felt less of a daughter because I am not her biological child. Now a mother myself, I try to follow her example and make my children feel loved and special each and every day. My mom has given me all my birthmother could not, and all I could ever need.

  22. Sarah Hirsch says:

    Some days it is a challenge just to get out of bed in the morning. Being a mom is a tough job, but it has its rewards!

  23. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I have been going to college after I lost my mom to cancer. Loosing my mom was tough, but it helped me realize I needed a change. College is a challenge with work and family but they are so proud of me. I was not good at math and had serious doubts about starting college but I worked hard and I made an A in college algebra. I’m on the Dean’s list and I have earned scholarships also.

  24. Autumn B. says:

    My mom goes above & beyond everyday. Even though both of her children are “grown” she still takes care of them and does whatever it takes to get them what they need.

    autumn398 @

  25. I am a mama of three who sacrifices everything for my kids. Including lots of sleep!

  26. I have made the choice to be a stay at home mom since my first child was born 5 years ago. It was not planned, but neccesary when we could not find good daycare for my son. It’s been difficult in these trying financial times, but I feel it’s the best choice for my two children. It’s especially important for my son who has Aspergers syndrome and having consistancy and support is very critical for him. While being a mom you always worry about your children and want the best for them, there is one thing I do know for certain, that my children know they are loved and that they can always count on me to be there for them. Even the highest paying job can not compete with that.

  27. Barb S. says:

    I work full-time as a night RN, and then come home and take my son to doctor’s appointments during the day, along with making sure that he’s taken care of during the summer months this summer. We’re keeping him out of summer day camp this summer to save a little money.

  28. sign me up

  29. Lori A. says:

    I do everything I can to be involved in my kids lives. I have been fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home-mom all of their lives. I am involved with their schools and help in any way I can. I fought to make sure my son got the speech therapy he needed when he was 2-3 years old. He went from 0 words at 2 1/2 to now, 6 years old, with a huge vocabulary and one of the top spellers and readers in his class. I am so incredibly proud of my kids.

  30. Both my 2 1/2 year son and 10 month old daughter, and I have been sick since Thursday last week. I have not been feeling well and been so tired, but I still get up with them when they cry, hold my daughter in one arm while she’s laying on me, I dry my son’s nose with a tissue. I never thought that I could function as a wife and mother with me and them being sick at the same time. They have both taught me that I can do it! It’s really hard though. For some moms, that would be easy, but for me, it’s not. My children and husband come first before me. I will always put them first. I even call my mom everyday just to ask her how she is doing and how her day is going. She lives in CA, I live in TN.

  31. Nicole May says:

    I don’t think I’m different than any other mom who loves her kids with a fierce love that only other moms understand. I’m amazed at how I have changed as a mom. I used to be the kind of person who, for example, would accept the wrong meal from a waiter and never speak up. But now, I do not settle until things are right for my kids. And I think that’s what describes a mom who goes beyond. She doesn’t give up until she feels everything is right for and by her kids.

  32. Before having kids, I did not have the healthiest diet. When I became pregnant with twins and had to deal with health issues like gestational diabetes, I really had to watch what I ate. I started buying more organic fruits and veggies, eating less red meat, buying household products that were “green” and trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. When I was on bed rest and maternity leave, I found blogs that showed how to maximize savings using coupons on sale items. Now that the kids are 16 months and eating table food, I try to provide them with a healthy diet. I work full time and my commute is 2 hours each day, the weekends are all the time I have to get in quality time with my family, run errands, do chores, clip and organize coupons and grocery shop. This leaves little personal time to myself. But I feel that it is what I need to do to take care of my family and provide the healthiest home life possible. Seeing my family healthy and happy means so much to me.

  33. Geraldine Sandoval says:

    I LOVE!!! my child more than my life and would do anything for them, I also have 3 grand-daughters and feel the same about them. When my 1st child was born I didn’t think my heart could be any fuller, but then I had my 2nd and yes my heart had more room, then the grand-daughters came and my heart was grown and the love God has blessed me with has grown.

  34. Theresa Jenkins says:

    …took early retirement to take care of my 4 grandkids.

  35. Vickie Couturier says:

    I have had so many “mom”moments,I have 6 grown chidlren 2bio,3 step an 1 adopted,they range in age from of my special moments was when we adopted our foster daughter at age 14,we were empty nesters an thought we didnt like that empty nest,an we had so much more togive,an this little girl came to us at age 12 with all her earthly possessions in a garbage bag,I loved her the moment we saw her,its been a up an down struggle,parenting never ends,she turned 18 wanted to be adult an moved out only to come back 6 months later,an my step children oh my I didnt know a persons heart could expand so much,they are such a blessing to me,an those grandbabies,we have 5 an 2 more on the way,if you didnt know us you couldnt tell who’s ,bio,step or adopted,we love them all an have made such memories that wewill cherish forever,11 yrs ago,I had a brain aneursym that burst an I just didnt know what God had in store for me,they are all special each an everyone of them an I cant imagine my life without any of them,even if I dont win,I was happy to tell you about my wonderful family,thanks!

  36. g. l. penrod says:

    supper give away!

  37. My biggest challenge that required me to go above and beyond was my middle daughter being dyslexic. I realized she would be overlooked in the schools, since they wait until a child is two years behind before intervening, which is 2 wasted years. So I brought her home and spent 3 years doing every reading intervention I could find. After a lot of hard work on her part and lots of frustration on my part she finally became a fluent reader at 11. She still has some issues and can’t spell at all, but she is an honor roll student in 8th grade now. Just this weekend I had to scold her for reading a book when she was supposed to be doing chores. I made her put the book down and do her chores, but secretly I was glad to see her so involved in a book.

  38. nan lara says:

    i was breast feeding my son at a time that i needed a surgery. it was supposed to be an overnight stay but due to the situation my dr was awesome and worked with me. i was sent home from the hospital at 11pm..with tubes attached so that i could go home, pump and dump and be ready for my sons morning feeding. i think being needed helped me get better faster
    nannypanpan at

  39. So many things I could brag about…yes, i have no shame! But my favorite is that I am teaching my 2 year old Polish and Spanish, and she is learning both languages quite well.

  40. Susan S says:

    Every single day I thank God that he gave me my son. He is wonderful and an easy-going child. I have found that I have went above and beyond by not being selfish. Sure, I would LOVE to make extra money so we could get extra things, but I know it is more important to raise my son than do any other job on this earth.

  41. Joannie says:

    I am a mother that went above and beyond to assure my daughter that she could be anything she wanted to be. I told her this and demonstrated it to her every day, and sure enough, she owns two thriving businesses, is a strong leader in her work and in her community as well as a wonderful wife and mother. Girls need to know that there is no glass ceiling.

  42. I go beyond by helping out at my daughter’s school every week, and volunteering for field trip duty. Thanks for the chance!

  43. Holly W says:

    I love being a Mom and doing for my kids, so going above and beyond is a way of life. I figure I have one chance to do it right and so I try hard. I have 3 teenagers, so if that doesn’t say something about my life right now, then I don’t know what does. All of their needs are met all of the time!

  44. I believe that I am a mom that goes beyond because I do it alone. I’ve always been a single working mom. I receive no child support. My son’s father is not even in the picture nor is anyone else on his side of the family. My son is now 8-year’s old and while I have had my struggles, the Lord has always given us what we needed. And I am truly blessed.

  45. While its memorable to me, its not a story that any other mom hasn’t come across. My son likes to grab his butt during diaper changes and one time when he was about 1.5 yrs old, he grabbed during a poop change and rubbed his fingers all in it. Then he put them straight into his mouth. Face like a lemon, but then wiped the poop all over his face and then on me. We went straight to the tub. Working full time as a stay at home mom during the day and working at my job during the nights is tough, but its worth it. Digging poop out of my son’s mouth is my favorite (and least favorite) “going beyond” story. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. Margaret Smith says:

    I have two sons, ages 10 & 13, who both have ADHD and learning disabilities. For the past number of years, my husband has had to work two jobs and is seldom home. I’ve had to learn how to help both my sons in all their school work, sports, etc. I myself have rhumitoid arthritis, so there are days that I’m in lots of discomfort and helping my sons can be a big challenge. But I love them so much and try my best to be a good Mom to them.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  47. Mellissa C says:

    I have three boys that are all into sports and I am their number on e fan.

  48. I guess I go above and beyond becaues I have toddler twins with food allergies and one has a chronic illness. Everytime he gets sick, we end up in the hospital. My husband really goes above and beyond because he stays home with his brother. Missing work is a huge sacrifice for him.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  49. I believe all moms go above and beyond. But it hasn’t been easy for me as a single mom that works full time. But no matter how tired I am after a long day of work I am always there for the kids to do homework and go to sports games.

  50. Annette D says:

    I am a Mom of two sons ages 17 and 21. I grew up in a household of all girls, so boys were something new to me! I decided early on that I was going to do what the boys did, so that I could be really involved in their lives. I have volunteered at each of their schools, as room mom, PTA board member, I planned a 5th grade award breakfast, I was a Cub Scout leader and a Boy Scout leader. I have been on Boy Scout campouts, I have even been to Boys Scout Summer camp for a week at a time, 3 times! I have recently volunteered to head up Project Graduation for my son’s class, who will graduate next year. We are already planning and fundraising for the party. We will host a drug-free, alcohol-free celebration for 400 seniors next May. It is my most ambitious volunteering commitment yet! I will spend hours and hours making this party a success!

  51. Jenna Wood says:

    Many people take for granted the ability to be a mother, thus neglecting their children as the blessings they are; while so many hard working- magical moms go unrecognized. Being a mother is the hardest job any woman will ever have, and the highest paying. There is not one day that shouldn’t be cherished and celebrated for the milestone it is! I have tried for years now for a child of my own, and in my journey have realized the role of a mother is not just for those with children of their own body, but those who love and nurture children of all blood. While I may not qualify to be nominated, I am ‘nana’ to 2 wonderful children who light up my day every chance they get!

    six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  52. I go beyond for my daughter, because I have been involved with her school since she was in kindergarten. I’m on the PTA board, volunteer in her classrooms, proctor during tests, and do anything else that is needed at school. With budget cuts and all the other problems in the public schools, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure my daughter gets the best education possible!

  53. I’ve had 5 kids over a 17 year time span and in that time I’ve managed to finish a college degree despite being a single mother for part of that time. Now I have a grandchild on the way that I’ll probably have to help with a lot. My mothering duties just never do end but I stick it out no matter how frustrated I get.

  54. Suzanne K says:

    Single mother, self employed, balancing all the challenges that come with both while trying to provide a good home and education for my daughter, and give her access (and driving her everywhere) to all kinds of activities (to keep her busy/out of trouble), all while also taking care of the house and garden. My daughter is now 16, well rounded, athletic, straight A student, caring, beautiful young lady and the business continues to survive, so I think I’m doing a fair job of going above and beyond!

  55. When my husband and I first got married a while back we were very poor and didn’t have much. Since they time I have graduated college with no loans and am currently a graduate student. I will finish in one year from now! I work full time and I am always still able to spend quality time with my son. I feel like my husband and I have overcome a lot (and I must give him credit for helping me) but I feel I have gone above and beyond because I still work hard to better myself to build a better life for my child!

  56. I support my son in everything he does – and I feed him and clothe him,etc. etc. 😀

  57. stephanie says:

    I think that I go beyond as a mother…because first of all I am a single mother of five of my own, ages 19 to 5. I have unofficially adopted two other teenagers, because of differences or so to speak with their parents, and have gotten both teens enrolled back in school. I work, and teach the kids the value of money and the meaning of working for a living. I play with the kids every chance I get. And I listen to my kids, I’m not always right, and neither are they…so when we listen to one another, we can come up with what is right or best at the time. Did I mention I also take care of my 27th year old ex-step son (but I don’t call him that) nine year old daughter because her dad is in Iraq and her mom isn’t up to mothering right now (all I will say on that one.) AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

  58. I am a mommy that goes beyond because I am full-time working scientist mommy. (I love the science graphics btw!) I was one of those darn “teen-moms” but managed to finish high school, finish college, marry the man of my dreams, move to the house of our dreams, take care of the cutest puppy ever and raise an amazing straight A student in advanced classes who is a soccer star, and all around wonderful teenage daughter with so much potential. Whew! Talk about an experiment 🙂

  59. Monique Rizzo says:

    I take my daughter to Ballet after working 2 jobs.
    Thanks for the chance.

  60. Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!

  61. Jennifer M says:

    I was in the hospital having baby 2 and my 2year brought me a necklace from the gum ball machine, telling dad this is my mama’s present. It was the first time he had been separated from me at night and he was so happy to see me and gave me that little necklace. It means the most of all the jewelry I own. I had to endure being away from him.

    My husband and I are their only caregivers, no day care, no stay with grandma etc. So I’m a mom that goes beyond, but I feel safer when I can be with them.

  62. Jill Myrick says:

    My biggest par­ent­ing moment was tak­ing on a ready made fam­ily of five chil­dren.
    When I mar­ried my hus­band he his pre­vi­ous wife had passed away in a car wreck a year and a half ear­lier.
    And he was the father of a set of two year old twins, a set of three year old twins and a five year old.
    Me, I was a sin­gle per­son with no chil­dren. But felt that I needed a fam­ily to love and that needed to be loved just as badly.
    For the first year it was a def­i­nite chal­lenge to get every­one in sync and to come together as a fam­ily.
    In the next three years we have also added two chil­dren to our brood for a total of seven.

    Every­one that I know thought that I was crazy for jump­ing into such a sit­u­a­tion.
    But me, I have loved every minute of it. And would do it again in a heart­beat.
    It is by far the most reward­ing chal­lenge of my life.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  63. Julie L says:

    For years I have/do struggle with depression and bipolar. I made a vow that I try my hardest to be the best mom I could be under these circumstances. I am glad to say that my kids have grown up to be responsible wonderful people

  64. Kimberly says:

    My going beyond mothering moment actually happened with my (much younger) baby sister. My mom left our family and my dad worked crazy hours, so I was left to fill in as the “mom”. I made sure she did her homework, cooked dinner, monitored her tv time, and just made sure her life stayed normal. This was not easy to do, but I think it made me a stronger, more grateful person.

  65. I had a brain injury and am going to school to get my degree.

  66. pixie13 says:

    I went beyond just getting my children into this world. I was sick the whole time I was pregnant. I swell up like a balloon from fluid retention. I suffer from gestational diabetes. My body just wasn’t made for bearing children.
    And having made so much effort bringing them into the world, I don’t let any one else take care of them. No day care, and babysitters have been only Grandma & Grandpa on very rare occasions. There has only been 3 times I’ve missed reading the bedtime stories & tucking them into bed, and each of those involved a hospital visit.

  67. Gail Crawford says:

    I go beyond as a mom because I am up to 1:00 at night washing clothes.

  68. Jessie C. says:

    We travel a lot around the world, I always take time making sure kids respect different cultures and learn the best from them.

  69. Kathy Scott says:

    My mom fought a courageous battle against breast cancer and lost when she was only 38. She taught me to live each day to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I try to make every day special for my boys.

  70. Tonya Dean says:

    My daughter is 12 and has decided that she wants to drive her mom crazy! She wants to be friends with older girls who like to get her into trouble. Now she is in counseling and it is going to be a very looonnng summer. If I make it through this I will have definitely overcome some unique challenges.

  71. Erica C. says:

    I work overtime to afford the extras and deal with a big lack of sleep!

  72. Umm do I have to mention the times I go to my kids cheer gym and have to sit outside in the heat/cold waiting on them to get out.

  73. latisha depoortere says:

    My mom is always there for me but when she dropped everything to fly to where I lived to help me and toke me in when I had no where else to go. She was there when I needed her the most and now we just have each other. I would be lost with out her.

  74. I am a new mom, so there have been many memorable moments so fat. But the one that has stuck with me the most is when my grandma (who has raised 7 children) told me that I am a natural mother. That has given me such confidence when I really need it.

  75. Trina C says:

    I think every mom goes beyond. We are all tasked to do so much from working outside the home, teaching our children, caring for our husbands and our home and volunteering in our kids schools or other activities, while still trying to eek out a little something for ourselves.
    I have recently volunteered to lead my local moms group for a second time ofter taking a year off. In this group we focus on giving to the women who have given so much. Although it can be a lot of work it is so worth it when you hear the stories from the women about how the group has helped them feel like women again and not just a multi-tasker.

  76. Joanne Schultz says:

    Driving the kids hither and yon for their appointments and activities, I can’t imagine how mothers who have a full time job outside the home handle it all!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Erin M. says:

    I’d love to praise my own mother for she not only raises my baby sister,dad and brother by living a healthy lifestyle, but she supports me with my illness(fibromyalgia)! As if this take up all her time– Mom goes above and beyond by helping my sick Grandma. (who stubbornly still lives at home even though she needs the extra care!) Trust me. It’s no fun acting as a nurse for a relative. How does someone do all that without complaining!?

    Hence, my mother is quite an amazing woman.

  78. rebecca says:

    tried to be a good parent, and know I failed miserably in many areas. I learned that love can and does cover a multitude of parental inadequacies. It seems the love won out. My daughter is one of the most awesome moms I have ever had the priveledge of knowing. She had a brain injury due to oxygen deprivation shortly after birth. A lifetime of struggles in many areas have followed, yet she faces each one head on with a spirit of peace, tenacity, and will do. She is the parent of an eleven year old daughter. She works full time, and home schools her daughter. If she doesn’t make me look like, she certainly makes me feel like Mother of the Year. Yet the child she is raising is even more kind, loving, and caring than her mom. I did not Mother as a job well done, but I am a Mother who has done well in her job.

  79. Cheryl M. says:

    In the process of becoming a mother, I went beyond and I discovered myself all over again. The process uncovered things that I now articulate as truths for me. You have to empathize with people without crossing the line into pity. You have to be honest with yourself before you can ever be honest with someone else. You have to make sure your criticism does not include ridicule. You have to have a sense of humor, especially when things are not going well. You have to do your best to respect people, even when you disagree with them. Most of all, you have to know when to trade winning an argument so you can win over a heart.

    I would say that of all the reading and studying I did about parenting, all the observations of other children, all the discussions I had with other mothers and respected elders, my children were still my best teachers. If I approached them with respect and honesty, they responded in kind. When I got edgy and snappish because of competing priorities, they responded in kind. Nothing keeps you on your toes more than an observant child.

    So for me, I love being a mother because of the reciprocal relationship of parenting. It’s not just love, although that’s a big part of it; it is the intangible reward of knowing that if you survive all the dirty diapers, scraped knees, 2 AM feedings, bad dreams, silly fights, broken windows, hurt feelings, raging hormones – you might just find that you, yourself, have become a grown-up that you actually admire.

  80. Nursing my twin daughters for the first year of their lives was very difficult, but so worth it!

  81. As a single young women I discovered I was pregnant. I was shocked and scared and not sure what to do! I quickly learned that the best thing for this unborn child would be to be placed for adoption and I found THE most wonderful family in the world to raise him! The adoption has been very open and I see him on occasion. It is amazing to me to have been a mother for the 2 days I spent with him in the hospital and my time carrying him for all I was able to learn and grow from him. I will be forever grateful for that life changing experience and that beautiful little boy who changed my life!! I am now happily married and with 2 little boys of my own and pregnant with number 3. I love my boys and my life very much but I’ll be forever grateful for that first special child that made such a difference to who I am today!

  82. Amanda A says:

    I truly think that every mom ends up going beyond almost every day! But, my time of working beyond has been during my husband’s deployments overseas with the air force. It is so hard to put aside your personal exhaustion and worries and pull yourself together to be a rock for your children. As hard as it is for the service members overseas, it is equally hard for the families left behind and the children left without parents. It was especially hard for me that my children couldn’t quite understand why daddy was gone for so long but were old enough to miss him terribly. Thankfully, there are no more deployments ahead for us, but I will never forget that there are so many families right now in that situation with moms working way beyond!

  83. Valeen N says:

    Both our children are adopted and have special needs. One day a well-meaning friend said, “Your kids are so lucky to have you as parents. Other people wouldn’t have adopted them.” I gently told her that she had it backward. We were the lucky ones! Yes, it can be very challenging at times, but I am a better person by having these amazing children in my life! Every day they teach us by example, love, patience, kindness, perseverence, courage, etc. I am truly blessed to be their mother!

  84. Jeanette H. says:

    I work hard to make sure my kids have everything they need and scrimp and save all year to take them on wonderful vacations so we have much needed family time with no interuptions.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  85. Marilyn L says:

    I taught my kid my phone number after “experts” claimed that was one of the things he wasn’t capable of learning

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  86. Amy Delong says:

    I go beyond every single day,as well as other moms do!We do not get the day off!


  87. To me, “going beyond” means that parents should set priorities. You can’t cater to your child’s every want (nor should you), and it is all too easy to give into the desire to placate your children and get some much needed peace instead of sticking to your own priorities and values, teaching your kids what you think they need to know to be healthy, functioning adults.

  88. Heather says:

    I am not a mom, but my mom goes Beyond. When I was a Senior in High School I was put in the hospital for 2 weeks. My mom was in her last week of nursing school, and she missed a VERY IMPORTANT Day of Class To take me to the Hospital 2 hours away. She was in her last week of nursing school and she could have failed by missing that one class. She put her Children First. She also did evrything she could to make sure I graduated where I missed two weeks of school. I graduated and she graduated too.

  89. Karen Gonyea says:

    All moms go beyond – it’s just what we do 🙂

  90. barbara wright says:

    I volunteer at my kids’ schools so often that the teachers all think I get paid 🙂

  91. Here is my non-traditional answer! LOL I am not a human baby mother but rather have nine fur babies in the form of cats. All of my cats are rescues and I love them more than I can even express. I am a vegetarian in part because of them. I buy them only organic cat food and never allow them outside unless they are on a leash. I have not gone on a vacation or stayed overnight anywhere since 2005 because of my elderly fur babies that require daily medications. I feel that for most people, this would qualify as going beyond.

  92. Susan Smith says:

    I gave up my career to stay home with my children. Living on one income isn’t always easy. We only have one car which my husband takes to work so we do a lot of in home activites, no vacations, we rarely eat out and we buy our clothes at consignment stores. My grocery bills are lower because I use coupons, buy in bulk and buy store brands. We feel it’s worth the sacrafice so that I can stay home with our children. They are going to remember me being there for them, not the matierial things they didn’t have.

  93. carol y l says:

    I took care of my sick daughter for a long time, but she didn’t make it. This has been the worst experience ever for all of us.

  94. I think that ALL good mom’s go beyond. I try to do the same and work more than full-time, as well as parenting more than full-time. No matter what though, it’s worth it!

  95. Mothers go beyond every day in some way. Natural caregivers who put themselves last and their loved ones first even when dealing with their own poor health and other numerous problems. I myself have worked 2 jobs at one time and a midnight shift later etc. Whatever it took for my child and family. My daughter became disabled her senior year. She would have been an “Honor Graduate”.I have tried hard since to make her life as loving,happy,meaningful and comfortable as possible. She inspires me every day to go beyond. She has never lost her spirit and still uses her awesome intelligence and numerous God given creative gifts to enhance her life.She is not just my daughter…she’s also my best friend! I love her very much and love never fails or knows any limits.(Not even beyond!)

  96. busiemommie says:

    I am a blessed mother of 3 with my 4th little wonder expected to arrive in October. After completing my bachelors degree in 2001, I decided to put aside my career dreams and stay home to raise our growing family. In the 9 years since my 1st son was born my family has relocated out of state 3 times in order for my husband to pursue career opportunities that would best benefit our family. Moving with small children is a difficult task, but knowing that it was for the best future for our family kept things in perspective.

  97. Betty C says:

    I was a military wife with 5 children and a husband who was deployed for 6 months at a time. We were far away from family so I had to make all the decisions on my own and then justify those decisions when my husband came back home. It was long before the days of email so those decisions were sometimes hard to make. I don’t think I ever did more than most moms. I supported my children in their interests, Girl Scout leader, PTA committee member and chauffeur to all their events. I’m very proud of them.

  98. One thing I always make sure to do if I’m in the wrong is make sure to apologize to my daughter. If I get angry for no reason, or if I am mistaken about something, I think she deserves the respect of an I’m Sorry.

  99. I think all moms go beyond. I go beyond by listening to my kids and helping them when they need it.

  100. Mom of 5, nursing twins and doing it all!


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