Grill out with ConAgra Foods!

My husband and I both work full time, but because he is a teacher, he stays home with the kids in the Summer months.  I have to say that I love Summer!  With him home, life is much less stressful!  One of the things we love to do in the summer is grill.  Even the kids look forward to these dinners and my husband found a new barbeque recipe book that he his dying to try out.  Thanks to Mom Central and ConAgra Foods, we are able to put the finishing touches on our dinner!  From the press release:

hebrew Made with premium cuts of beef and no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors, Hebrew National hot dogs provide a great solution for summer dinners. Topped with Hunt’s 100% Natural Ketchup (made with no high fructose corn syrup) or Gulden’s spicy brown mustard, you have all the makings of a classic summer dinner.

We were sent Hunt’s No High Fructose Corn Syrup Ketchup, Gulden’s Mustard, and coupons for Hebrew National Hot Dogs for review.  I placed the condiments on our table at our latest barbeque night.  My daughters LOVE ketchup and both immediately grabbed the bottle.  Neither child noticed a difference in the No High Fructose Corn Syrup version and the brand we normally use.  As a Mom, anytime I can reduce the amount of high fructose corn syrup in their diets, I am happy!

conagra Honestly, we don’t normally buy the Hebrew National brand of hotdogs, but gave them a try for this review.  My husband threw them on the grill and both kids (as well as my husband and myself) loved them.  We would definitely purchase these again!

Check out ConAgra products next time we are putting together a barbeque night for your family!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of ConAgra and received a picnic bag with samples of ConAgra products to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


  1. Ellen Beck says:

    I havent tried that new catsup, but have tried Hebrew National- they are quite good, but a tad pricey compared with some other brands. They are yummy enough that with a decent coupon (which is kinda rare they have one) that we do buy them.

  2. Lynn Matthews says:

    Great to know Hunts is now free of hfcs. Will be buying it on my next shopping trip

  3. I thought it was yummy too!

  4. I love all the different products that conagra makes too

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