Sprout Pregnancy Essentials iPhone App: Review

When my husband and I decided it was the right time to start a family, we tried for what seemed like FOREVER to get pregnant (in actuality it was eight months).  When I learned I was indeed pregnant with my first child, I was elated, overjoyed, thankful and….scared.  I became attached to any book that had information on what to expect in the next nine months and beyond.  Being a science geek, I absolutely loved reading about the changes that were happening to both me and my baby and being a control freak, I also attached myself to a journal where I kept questions, appointments and baby names.

01a-mybaby Now, with the invention of the iPhone, applications are being developed to make just about anything easier and more fun!  The smart people over at Med ART Studios have just released a new iPhone App called Sprout Pregnancy Essentials.  This new app has everything for the Mother to Be!  Some key features:

Lifelike Fetal Imagery and Exploring in 3D:  Anatomically correct amazing fetal images by week of pregnancy.  First iPhone app to incorporate 3D rotating images of your growing baby!

Week by Week Advice:  Comprehensive weekly advice written by medical doctors
Prepare for your Doctor Visits:  Gives you a place to store your questions for your next doctor’s visit!

Pregnancy Checklist:  Make sure you have everything packed in your hospital bag and everything you need stocked in your baby’s new nursery!

Kick Counter, Contraction Timer and Weight Tracker:  Keep track of all the necessary statistics!

To have all of this information at my fingertips would have been a dream come true for me!  If you have an iPhone, check out this great new pregnancy app or recommend it to a friend! Sprout Pregnancy Essentials can be downloaded for only $9.99!  Have questions?  Check out their Facebook page for the latest news!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sprout Pregnancy Essentials, however all opinions remain 100% my own.


  1. Wow that’s really cool!! I was addicted to reading the day by day and week by week sites when I was pregnant with number 1! This would be a great app to fuel my addiction!

  2. An app for pregnancy, gotta love it. I fear one day our phones will be able to get us pregnant. 😉

    It does seem very neat though. I especially like the kick counter, contractions part.

    Lee 🙂

  3. What a neat app!! I love everything it does!

  4. That is super cool. I loved looking at the pictures in the baby books to determine what my baby looked like.

    Contraction counter is super cool!!

  5. Cecelia says:

    So wish I had that when I was pregnant. Looks neat!

  6. That is just amazing! Is there anything they don’t have an app for? 🙂

  7. That is SO cool!


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