Sometimes, I crack myself up.

My husband is really a great Father.  Actually, one of the reasons I fell in love with him was that I just knew he would make an incredible Dad…and I was right.  On Mother’s Day, we took the girls to a local amusement park because I really wanted to spend some quality time together.  My loving hubby, because he knows I don’t like “spin yourself silly” rides, volunteered to take the girls on the little kiddie version of the spinning tea cups ride so I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of Mother’s Day feeling sick.  Nice guy, right?  So, how come everytime I see the picture of him on the ride………


All I can think of is this………


LOL!  I just CANNOT stop laughing.  I’m a horrible wife.


  1. dr. anie says:

    if anyone can take the joke, it’s YOUR husband! he’s awesome!

  2. shannon thurman says:

    love it!!!!!

  3. Jennifer B says:

    I hate spinning rides too!

    Haha that is so funny! I love your cartoon!

  4. Aleksandra N says:

    this made me giggle 😉

  5. Patti Hess says:

    OH MY GOODNESS I had a gut busting laugh at this lol this was an AWESOME POSSUM post…thanks i needed this….

    btw where is this park is it in California yeah i am not familiar with amusement parks except Hershey 🙂

    GREAT POST!!! I give you 100000000000000000000000 stars..

  6. Patti Hess says:

    btw he is a GREAT hubby wouldn’t of done this no way no how!!!

  7. Diane P. Hunn says:

    O.k. now I get the Grape Ape comment on Facebook! LOL – Poor Randy – I really can’t stop laughing out loud!!!! And now I’m snorting!

  8. That is really funny! I think my husband would have a cow if I posted something like that

  9. the colors fit and everything. This was funny. Sounds like you have a great hubby.

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