Freschetta Flatbread Pizza: Review

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a Mom of two who also works outside the home, planning meals ahead of time is a must!  My husband and I try to prepare meals, not only for nutritional value, but meals that are cost effective as well.  Another must?  The kids have to want to eat it!  Fortunately, Freschetta FlatBread Pizza fits the bill!

Frozen pizza is a quick and convenient meal that my kids love.  However, we have tried to but a “value” pizza only to have it go to waste because the quality was poor.  Since that experience, we have been loyal to one particular brand and have not ventured away from it in quite some time.  So, I was glad that Freschetta gave me an excuse to think outside of the box.  The good people at Freschetta supplied me with a few coupons to take their pizzas for a test drive with my family.  We selected both the Freschetta FlatBread Pepperoni and the Freschetta Rising Crust Four Cheese pizza. About the Freschetta FlatBreads:

flatbread Go ahead – indulge in pizza tonight. For this amazing flatbread, we start with just the right amount of only all-natural cheeses and a sauce made from real, ripe tomatoes. Then, we top it with colorful vegetables and generously sliced meats. All of these aromatic flavors sing through on our amazing ultra-thin crust, created to bake up incredibly crisp. Freschetta® Flatbread is a perfect balance of big flavors all on a crispy crust for a unique taste that’s on the lighter side of pizza.

Both pizzas smelled wonderful while cooking and Aubrie enjoyed watching the Rising Crust Pizza takes its shape in the oven.  But how did they taste?  Fabulous!  I enjoyed the FlatBread pizza while my girls loved the Rising Crust pizza because it looked more like traditional pizza (and how food looks is a big deal when you are 2 and 5).

After checking out the Freschetta site, I saw that the line also includes single serving pizzas.  I will definitely be trying those next because they would be a great way to spice up lunch at work!  Interested in trying Freschetta?  Download a $1 off coupon and run (don’t walk) to the grocery!


  1. Didn’t you love the FlatBread? I think it’s so delicious. We’ll definitely have it again.

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