BOOMbidz: Competitive Shopping

As a Mom of two daughters, I find that we spend way more money than we should on new clothes, shoes, accessories and entertainment.  Over the last year or so, I have begun to use online auction sites such as eBay to see if I can snag a great deal on things we need, and I have to say….it’s addicting (especially if you have a competitive spirit!).  There is just nothing like knowing you got a fabulous price on an item you would have paid much more for in a retail store.  Do you love competitive shopping?  Have you heard of BOOMbidz?


About BoomBidz penny auctions:

BOOMbidz is a new and innovative approach to online auctions. In order to bid, participants must first purchase BOOMbidz. The price of the auction item is increased by only one penny with each bid placed. By using this unique auction model, bidders can come away with brand new quality products at amazing prices.”

I took a tour of this competitive shopping site and found the whole process intriguing.  Basically, you purchase bids as part of a BOOM pack (each bid can be purchased for $0.75).  The smallest BOOM pack you can buy is 25 bids for $18.75.  Next, you peruse the penny auctions to see what peaks your interest.  For example, I found an auction for a $50 Target gift card currently sitting at only $0.08!  When you decide a product is worth your bid, you take a bid from your Boom pack ($0.75), and place it on the product which will raise the cost of the product by one cent.  So, if I placed my $0.75 bid on the $50 Target gift card, the price of the card would be raised to $0.09.  If no one else bids and I am the LAST bidder, I would win the Target card!  I would then pay my 9 cents (plus shipping) for the $50 Target card!  What an incredible deal!

Does this sound like fun to you?  Check out the penny auction tips and start bidding!

The post was sponsored by BOOMbidz, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Louise says:

    It does sound kind of fun, sounds addicting to once you get started, I just wonder if people can give up ebay to check it out.

  2. Shop with Me Mama (Kim) says:

    OH sounds addicting!!!

  3. Interesting concept, I had not heard of this website before.

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