I want glasses!

Do you know that I have never in my life been called “four eyes?”  Still at 35 years old, my vision is wonderful and I have no need for eyeglasses.  I have no idea how I managed to be so lucky because genetics are definitely not working in my favor!

My Mom, Dad and brother all wear prescription eyeglasses.  The odds are definitely stacked against my kids, too, because my husband and his entire immediate family also wear glasses.  Fortunately, my oldest daughter is just itching to get her first pair.  In fact, she will often wear her sunglasses inside the house or recently she even made a pair out of paper and taped them to her head!

Now, my youngest is getting into the action because her Mrs. Potato Head ALWAYS wears glasses.  It’s a rule.  LOL!  However, I dread the day I have to take both girls to the eye doctor to be fitted for their first pair of glasses.

Having no experience with purchasing glasses, I had no idea how expensive they can be until my husband had to buy a new pair.  Ouch!   Next time, he will definitely be looking for glasses online in order to find a better deal!  In the meantime, I will just keep counting my blessings that my eyesight is still great and hope that my kids got my genes, too!!

This post was sponsored by Glasses USA, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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