Gerber Graduates Preschooler Snacks: Review

hypothesis The Gerber Graduates Preschooler snack line will provide me with many healthy options for Aubrie’s never-ending appetite while ensuring she will like them, too!


A sampling of many Gerber Graduates Preschooler snacks including the Fruit Twists, Cereal Twists, and Granola Bars plus one hungry toddler and mom looking for healthy alternatives.   About the Gerber Graduate Preschooler snacks we tried:


  • Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Fruit Twists:  “Fruit Twists are real fruit snacks that  are perfect for on the go snacking – best of all they are made with 99% real concentrated fruit and juice and provide ½ of a  preschooler serving of fruit per twist as well as  25% of the daily preschooler amount of antioxidant vitamin C.  The great thing about these Fruit Twists, is that your child can pull them apart and eat one flavor at a time, or eat them both at once, combining the two flavors.  Either way, your child can choose what they like best!”
  • Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Cereal Twists:  “Cereal Twists are made with whole grains and two flavored yogurt fillings. Each cereal bar is individually wrapped for convenient on-the-go snacking and comes in three delicious flavors: Strawberry Blueberry, Banana Peach and Raspberry Vanilla.
  • Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Chewy Granola Bars:  “Chewy Granola bars are made with whole grain rolled oats and wheat flakes for a unique soft texture that preschoolers love – they’re naturally flavored and provide 10% daily value for 4 vitamins and minerals. They have 6g of whole grains per bar and have no preservatives or artificial flavors.

results With two growing girls in my home who both LOVE to snack, I struggle to find something they think is tasty and something I think is appropriate for their age.  They both are fans of individually wrapped fruit snacks, granola bars and roll-up snacks.  But, the portions are generally too big for their appetite and I am not thrilled with the nutritional value.  So I was more than happy to see their reactions to the Gerber snacks!

Their favorite by far was the Cereal Twists.  It’s soft texture made it easy for them to eat and they loved the flavors of yogurt mixed in.  I like the fact that they are easy to pack in my bag for snacking on the go.  The granola bars and fruit twists were both perfect portion sizes for my little ones and they both requested them as snacks frequently.


My girls both loved the Gerber Graduates Preschool snacks with the cereal twists becoming a fast favorite.  I love that the snacks are nutritionally balanced and I can rest easy knowing that the girls are getting what they need to grow big and strong.  Not sure if your child is meeting dietary requirements?  Check out the sample menus are Gerber’s Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Menu Planner!  Develop age appropriate menus, share and print!

The opinions in this review are that of Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a different experience with the product.  While I did receive samples to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% mine.


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