Children’s Book Review and Giveaway- stories with a lesson!

My husband and I have made it a point to read to our kids from the minute they came home from the hospital.  Thankfully, both enjoy reading a lot and will ask to be read to often.  I am always glad to find children’s books that help reinforce or teach something I want the kids to know.  Recently, I received a few titles from the publishers at Phenix and Phenix. My kids were excited to read I’m Up in a Tree, Feeding Penny Pig, and How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read.


All three books have great lessons as part of the storyline.  In Feeding Penny Pig, author  and certified financial planner Jeannine Fox tells the story of Laney, who recieves a special piggy bank from her grandmother Mimi.  Laney does chores to help feed hungry Penny the piggybank and keep her happy.  This book was excellent to read to my children as we recently incorporated simple chores tied to a small allowance for each of them.  We are trying to encourage them to save part each week towards something “big.”  This book really helped make that idea seem more appealing to them, rather than just doing it because we are trying to make them!

In I’m Up in a Tree, author Mark Alden Johnson opens the door for some great conversation with your child about making the right choices.   The story follows a little boy who climbs a tree but then realizes he is up so high he is scared to come down.  All sorts of creatures stop by and give suggestions to the little boy about how he can come down, but his “gut” keeps telling him he needs to be safe and stay put while he waits for his dad to rescue him.  The story ends happily and my children loved the bright illustrations and rhyming text.  I loved how the simple story could be used as a “jumping off” place for more complex conversations about making the right choices when it’s really important, like saying “No” when asked to try drugs or alcohol, for instance.

Last but not least, How Lil Eddie Learns to Read is a treat for both children and adults.  Author Rima Corral tells the story of Eddie who receives a book for his birthday.  Motivated to read, his family helps Eddie on his journey to be a good reader.  The best part about this book are the the helpful tips for parents scattered throughout the text.  Many parents are clueless about many simple things they can do that will help facilitate good reading habits with their children.

It’s never too late to start reading  to your children!  It just takes a few minutes a day to plant the seed for the love of books.  These three titles from Phenix and Phenix are a great place to start!


Want to share the love of reading with your kids?  Phenix and Phenix has generously offered one reader “Up in a Tree” and “Feeding Penny Pig!”

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  4. Right now it’s Digger Man!

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  8. My daughter loves to read Curious George stories before bed.

  9. marge mckoen says:

    my grandkids love the dr suess set of books

  10. Kristi C says:

    My son’s favorite is “The Cat in the Hat.”

  11. Favorite bedtime story? hmmm that is a hard question b/c my daughter loves to read anything and everything. Lately though she has been loving the princess stories and fairy tales.

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  15. My Litte guy loves No David!

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  17. My daughter’s favorite is The Hungry Caterpillar!

  18. Linda Kish says:

    Good Night Moon

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  20. My granddaughter loves the book Goodnight Moon.

  21. “Baby Angels” and “Guess How Much I Love You”

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  23. I asked my daughter what her favorite bedtime story is and she said The Princess and The Frog 🙂

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    We love to read The Napping House. It is a super cute story

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    My son is a fan of Percival the plain little caterpillar. Thanks for the chance.

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    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  38. Patti hess says:

    My childs favorite is “I’ll Love You Forever”

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  40. My child favorite bed time book is a collection of disney short stories

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    I like any of the Berenstein Bears books.

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  47. Tabathia B says:

    My kids pretty much read everything, right now one of my oldest is reading the nicholas sparks the last song, my youngest is now reading dumb diary and the other older one is reading a melissa de la cruz book…before bedtime

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  50. Goodnight Moon is my daughter’s favorite bedtime book.

  51. Katklaw777 says:

    Takes forever to read…Green Eggs & Ham. I don’t Thanks.

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  53. Our favorite is the Bernstein Bears Stories!

  54. Good Egg by Barney Saltzberg
    It’s also her favorite “when she wakes up” book, “before nap” book, “when mommy is on the phone” book, “57 times a day” book!

  55. I subscribe with google reader.

  56. Tops and Bottoms

  57. Holly G. says:

    His favorite is Goodnight Moon.

  58. Green Eggs and Ham

  59. Melissa B. says:

    Prairie Dogs Kiss.

  60. CHARLENE says:

    His favorite bedtime book is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

  61. My daughter’s favorite bedtime book is a Little Golden Book called It’s Bedtime by B.G. Ford.

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  70. My daughter enjoys reading Sleep Tight, Ginger Kitten!

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  73. deameheniaHal says:

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

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