Staying connected with Verizon Palm Pre Plus!

As a Mom Blogger, social networking has become a way of life.  It is important to the success of my blog to keep one eye on the happenings in the blogosphere and the other on the newest products and stories my readers depend on.  While the calendar feature of the Verizon Palm Pre Plus helps me stay organized while on the go, it is absolutely essential for me to stay connected!

The customer service representative at Verizon helped me set up my two email accounts on the Palm Pre Plus and I was ready to go in no time.  I am able to read and respond to review requests, advertising inquires and personal emails in a timely fashion which ensures that I won’t miss an excellent opportunity.  One of the features I missed about my Blackberry Curve was that it had a blinking indicator to alert me when a new email arrived.  However, during a recent software update, my Palm Pre Plus now blinks as well!  I also love how easy it is to delete unwanted emails from my smartphone…it only takes a simple swipe of my finger and it’s gone.  The slide out full keyboard is convenient, but I am having a hard time getting used to it.  I tend to type double letters and misspell more with this phone than any other in the past.

Web pages look like web pages!

Web pages look like web pages!

Surfing the Internet with the Verizon Palm Pre Plus is a dream!  The HTML Web Browser allows to to see web pages as they actually appear on the Internet.  I absolutely love this feature.  My old phone only allowed me to see web pages in text form, so interacting on Twitter and Facebook were next to impossible.  The intuitive Palm WebOS allows you to keep multiple apps open at once making quickly promoting a new review or giveaway very easy and convenient.  Sending out a tweet, switching to Facebook and heading back to Twitter is completely seamless (you can even answer a phone call without disturbing your Internet session).

When a new text message or email arrives, a little notification summary shows up at the bottom of my screen.  I love getting this little “sneak peek” so I can decide if the message is urgent or able to be answered at a later time just by glancing at the screen.

If you use your phone for heavy Internet surfing, the Verizon Palm Pre Plus is a great phone for you!

This product review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a different experience. Verizon Wireless supplied me with the Palm Pre Plus and one month of service for review, but all opinions are 100% mine

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