Bella Tunno: Oopsie Ditty and Designer Diner Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The Oopsie Ditty Wristlet will be a convenient way to always make sure I have the “essentials” with me even when I forget the diaper bag.  The Designer Diner will be a great way to entertain my fidgety two year old at quiet restaurants!


One Oopsie Ditty Wristlet filled with more than 10 baby essentials, one Designer Diner complete with chalk and my daughter who can’t wait to try them out!  About Bella Tunno:

bellatunnologo “Bella Tunno is a baby and children’s NECCESSORY (necessary accessory) company dedicated to the balance of fashion, function and philanthropy. Trend-setting tots can now flaunt funky and fun baby basics – including Binkers, Bibs, Designer Diners, Parent Pods, Laminated Play Smocks, Disposables, Diaper Ditties and Headwear – while both retailers and parents can feel good about purchasing items that contribute to a larger cause. The company was started in 2005 by Michelle Tunno Buelow to help others live the life that her late-brother, Matt Tunno, would have wanted.”

results Now that Aubrie is getting older and we are in the process of potty training her, we don’t need a full blown diaper bag with us at all times.  But it never fails when I leave it at home,  I really could use some of the essentials I kept in it.  With a toddler and a 5 year old, spills are inevitable and germs happen but it is next to impossible to stuff my purse with hand sanitizer, bibs, disposable placemats and bandaids for the boo-boos.  So, you can see why the Oopsie Ditty Wristlet by Bella Tunno peaked my interest.


Bella Tunno describes this product as a “survival sack for the Parenthood Jungle camouflaged in a Wristlet Clutch!”  I received the Mr. Man print (13 other prints available) which is adorned with polka dots in fun colors (sold for $35.00).  The wristlet closes by a circular piece of Velcro that is sewn on for stability and can be carried by a fashionable metal ring.  What really makes this clutch special is what you find on the inside.  It is sized to hold diapers and wipes and comes complete with the following products: Disposable Bib, Placemat, and Multi-Purpose pad, Shout Stain Remover Wipe, two Purrell Antibacterial Wipes, two Band-Aid Adhesive Strips, ten Baby Wipes, Sargant Art Crayons, Bic Notepad and Pen.  It is so easy to toss this in the car and be confident that I have everything I need for life’s little “oopsies!”  Ran out of the essentials?  NO worries!  You can purchase a solution sack for only $10!


The Designer Diner has to be my new favorite product.  With a sturdy construction, one side of this placemat is actually a chalkboard!  It also includes a removable chalk pouch complete with one pack of multi-colored chalk.  Taking this mat to restaurants is so much easier than packing up my daughter’s favorite coloring books and crayons!  Aubrie had a great time scribbling on the mat and I actually got to eat my dinner without rushing!


While I loved both the Designer Diner and Oopsie Ditty, Bella Tunno has loads of other great kids products.  Make sure you check out the Bib Bundles which would make a unique baby shower gift!  And it should be noted that Bella Tunno donates a portion of their proceeds to drug-rehabilitation related organizations.


Found something you love?  Use the coupon code EXPE20 to receive 20% of your entire order!


Want to win? Bella Tunno has generously offered one Oopsie Ditty Wristlet to TWO Not-So-Blog readers!

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This product review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a different experience with the product.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample provided by Bella Tunno. All opinions are 100% mine.


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