The Baby Bunch: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The Baby Bunch will create the perfect gift for a new Mom, both practical and beautiful!  The bouquet will include baby essentials presented in a unique way.


One Medium Pink Baby Bunch including one pink bib, hat, T-shirt, two onesies, and two pair of socks,all neatly arranged in a beautiful bouquet.  About The Baby Bunch:

babybunchsmall “The best gifts are beautiful and practical. The Baby Bunch is both, making it the perfect present for every new parent. The Baby Bunch is a blossoming selection of infant clothing presented as a bouquet of flowers that makes a unique gift for moms and dads in need of the essentials for baby.

“The Baby Bunch combines practicality with presentation,” says Bryony Boxer, founder of The Baby Bunch along with her husband Simon Martin. “We wanted to create a gift that was attractive yet useful and offers everything a baby needs to get the best possible start in life.””

results Around here, there has been a huge baby boom among my friends and family members (I’m going to have another niece or nephew in September!).  I usually buy from a baby registry because I like to give a practical gift, but most of the time I feel like that lacks creativity on my part.  So, it was refreshing to be introduced to The Baby Bunch, an online boutique which combines the practical gifts with a unique twist!


I received a Medium Baby Bunch in Pink for review and was just shocked when it arrived!  I never thought bibs and onesies could be so darn cute!  The practical baby gifts are rolled into rosebuds and arranged into a beautiful bouquet complete with artificial pink roses and tissue paper.  This would definitely make a great baby shower gift or even centerpiece for the shower!


The Baby Bunch provides a unique baby gift that is both practical and beautiful.  The medium bouquets sell for less than $60, but if you are looking for something less expensive, check out the adorable cupcakes!

Do you know an expecting Mom?  The Baby Bunch has generously donated one medium size bouquet to one lucky Not-So-Blog reader!

How to enter:

1. Visit The Baby Bunch and tell me one product you would love to give as a gift!

Additional entries:

1. Blog about this giveaway and link to The Not-So-Blog and Baby Bunch(10 extra entries).

2. Follow me (@BridgetteLA) and @babybunch on Twitter and Tweet this giveaway. Every time you tweet you get an additional entry! Unlimited! (You must have over 50 Twitter followers to qualify for unlimited entries!)

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on March 13th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This product review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a different experience. Baby Bunch supplied me with a unit for review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Diaries of a Domestic Goddess says:

    I really like the box of 2 or 4 organic cupcakes! Too darn cute!!

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  5. I would love to give the cupcakes. How totally adorable! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  6. I follow both on Twitter.

  7. Monique Rizzo says:

    The cupcakes are super adorable. Thanks for the chance.

  8. The Crayon Rompers Pack is wonderful, too cute.

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  13. I love the baby bunch bouquets and the yellow cupcakes… and everything else! Planning for a new baby has never been more unique!

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  15. I love the yellow cupcakes!

  16. Garden Bunch for mom is awfully cute.

  17. I would like the Organic Cupcake onesies.

  18. I like the Kitchen Bunch

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  20. I have your button in my blog

  21. I love the Crayon Rompers. Great idea!

  22. I would love to give the Sweet Treat Candy Vase & Lollipop Rompers as a gift.

  23. i love the crayon rompers. so cute!

  24. I love ‘Garden’

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    I’d love to give someone the lollipop onesie, so cute!

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  32. I like the pink cupcakes.

  33. I really like the crayon rompers pack!

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  37. I think the Box of Two Organic Cupcake Onesies is adorable, great packaging

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  40. Besides the Baby Bunch, I think they Crayon Rompers would make a great gift.

  41. I would love to give the Box of Four Yellow Cupcakes to my niece as a baby shower gift.

  42. I think the Kitchen bunch would make a great housewarming gift!

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  44. Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) says:

    i really like the Lollipops Baby Gifts

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  59. I would love to give the lollipop rompers as a gift. They are really fun!

  60. Jaina's Mom says:

    I love the Blue cupcake onsies.

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    I am a facebook fan, Jenny Sapp Hernandez

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  64. I like the Baby Bunch Bouquets the best…would probably get a medium size and the color would depend on the gender of the baby. These are sooo cute!

  65. I am a fan of your facebook page!

  66. I like the crayon rompers and cupcake onesies

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  71. I love their Box of Six Blue Cupcakes and they wold make the perfect give.

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  75. Tracey Byram says:

    I like the Pink PJ Cupcakes.

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    I love the pink 2 pk cupcakes,ive got a new grandaughter due in July


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  96. Jennifer Short says:

    I love the Sweet Treat Candy Vase & Lollipop Rompers

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    i would love to give my dear friend that is expecting in april after trying to conceive for along time a medium blue bucket bunch. so many cute gifts to give hard to just pick one!!

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  106. Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) says:
  107. I would love to give the Premium Yellow Bunch as a gift to an expectant mother.

    Thank you. 🙂

  108. Tricia Stout says:
  109. lollipop rompers!

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    i’d like to give the large yellow bunch!

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    I like the bright primary colors of thr crayon Rompers…perfect unisex gift. Great giveaway, thanks.

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  150. I love the lollipops!

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  209. I think these are so cute! I also like the Cupcake Onesies as a gift! Thanks so much!

  210. Secret Burkheiser says:

    I love the lollipop romper in red.

  211. Elizabeth N. says:

    I like the Sweet Treat Candy Vase & Lollipop Rompers! So cute!

  212. The Romper Lollipops are also cute!

  213. Shelley Mitchell says:

    Everything is soooooo cute!! I especially like the cupcake onies!! Actually I like everything – Very cute!!

  214. Cynthia R says:
  215. I would love to give the lolipop onesie to my husband’s best friend’s wife who just had her third baby in three years!

  216. I subscribe.

  217. I like the cupcake onsies.

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    I like the Sweet Treat Candy Vase & Lollipop Rompers as a gift.

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  220. I love the Premium Yellow Bunch!

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    The Pink PJ Cupcakes would be a great shower gift 🙂

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  227. the lollipop gifts are adorable

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  230. I like the Lollipop Rompers, especially in Red.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  231. I love the little blue cupcakes, so adorable.

  232. Carolsue says:

    I like the Sweet Treat Candy Vase & Lollipop Rompers

  233. Carolsue says:

    I am a Friend/Fan of yours on Facebook
    Carol Anderson Ezovski

  234. I’d love to give the Box of Four Organic Cupcakes (onesies) as a gift! I have a sweet tooth, so this product definitely fits in…lol. Thanks for the chance!

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    I would like the Medium Blue Bucket Bunch. Thank you

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    I would love to give Premium Pink Bunch as a gift to my cousin, Lisa and her new baby girl!

  240. Garden Bunch

  241. crayon rompers ty.

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  244. Would love to gift the Box of Six Blue Cupcakes – I have some coworkers who are expecting!

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    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

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  254. I loved the box of 4 organic cupcake onesies! These Crayon Rompers are pretty spectacular too.

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  263. The cupcake onesies are adorable!


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