Squiggle Game from Random Line: Review and Giveaway

My name is Jennifer and I hate coloring books.  There, I said it.  Every coloring book in my house has been purchased by someone else.  My reason for coloring book hatred?  What kind of imagination does it take to color?  I know, I sound like the meanest mother on Earth.  But, because of my encouragement to keep offering white paper and crayons as opposed to a coloring book, both kids love to draw and will sit at the table forever, using their imaginations while drawing anything and everything you can think of.  Therefore, Squiggle is right up their alley.


Squiggle from Random Line is not your ordinary board game….or should I say it’s not a “bored” game?  Your kids will LOVE using their imaginations to create a picture from the “squiggle” assigned to them during play.  After a 60-second time limit, the Squiggle Score Book is used to award points.  The amount of points awarded is based on the difficultly of the squiggle and the uniqueness of the picture created.  We played as a family after dinner this past weekend.

Hard at work on his Squiggle!

Hard at work on his Squiggle!

I was a little unsure of how my little one would do because the recommended age is 8 and up but she actually did pretty well, even at just 5 years old.  In fact, both kids loved the game (Hubby and I did too) and they had a great time playing.  Squiggle definetely made all of us use our imaginations and challenged us to come up with more difficult illustrations to try and get more points.

Some of our Squiggles.  Aren't we talented?

Some of our Squiggles. Aren't we talented?

As soon as the game was over the kids wanted to play again.  The best part?  No one asked to watch TV!  In fact,

No Noise. No Batteries. Simply Imagination is RandomLine’s motto.

The creative minds at Random Line have a variety of mind-exercising Award-Winning games for your family.  There are alternate varieties of the original Squiggle game.  Going on a road trip?  Check out the Drawing Pads! I have several of them on my must-buy list before we load up the car to head anywhere this summer.


Can’t wait for a road trip?  Of course the wonderful people at Random Line have a little something to spark your imagination!  Here’s how to get yourself Squiggling!

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This product review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a different experience. Random Line supplied me with a sample for review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


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  81. Alphabet SQUIGGLE On-The-Go – Ages 4 to 7

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    Another product I would love to try from Random Line is the Hurry Up!TM The Dice Game.

  90. I too hate coloring books and their ubiquity… Everywhere you go there are some, I understand the easiness, but dislike them nonetheless.
    From their site I liked the SQUIGGLE® On-The-Go, as it seemed the most suitable for my daughter.


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