Banana Seal-Review!

Like many moms, I go to the grocery every week.  It’s one of our household’s biggest expenses.  I do what I can to try and keep the cost as low as possible, but let’s face it…..even with using coupons and shopping sales, groceries are EXPENSIVE!  Nothing aggravates me more than to take a box of  cereal, crackers, or cookies out of the pantry to find that the box is half empty and what is left is stale.   Therefore, I was excited to find out about Banana Seal!

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Banana Seal is so much more efficent than your standard “chip clips” or clothespins, and keeps bags sealed air-tight for maximum freshness.  Banana Seals are made by Seal-A-Bag, LLC and their vision is a simple one:  keeping an air-tight seal on bags of all kinds.

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I found the Banana Seals super easy to use.  What I liked best is how they give a tight grip and the seal stayed put on a bag of crackers even after being shoved into the box.  You can even trim the Banana Seals to customize the sizes you need if necessary.  Now that my son is 8, he is getting some free reign on getting his own snacks.  I got him to try the Banana Seal and he was able to get it back in place quickly after sneaking some cookies.

Banana Seal comes in a variety of sizes and can be used for any type of package, such as chips and snacks, frozen foods, even pet foods or potting soils.  They are re-usable, freezer and dishwasher safe, and keep food fresher longer, which saves you from wasting money by having to toss stale snacks or other items.  No other clip can offer you the air-tight seal that the Banana Seal does.  The best part besides being super easy to use?  Banana Seals are offered at many retailers near you!



  1. These look so cool! I have something similar, but not as big. Thanks for the info.

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