Who Dat! Who Drag? In memory of Buddy D…

I am sure you know by now, if you follow my blog, my tweets or my Facebook, that I am a Saints fan!  And have you heard that the Saints are headed to the Superbowl?  WHO DAT, BABY!  Miami is about to see a whole other level of tailgating and partying because Saints fans are loyal, diehard people who have been waiting for this day for 40 years.

Want a little taste of how excited Saints Fans are?  Over 2,000 men ran in the streets of New Orleans today in drag.  Oh yes, prom dresses, wedding dresses, high heels and lip gloss were seen on men who had no business wearing a these items.  While waiting on the neutral ground (aka median) for the parade to pass, my husband and I were joking that we felt bad for tourists who just landed in New Orleans that day.  They were either amused or very frightened.  Either way, I am sure it was an experience they (or we) will never forget.

buddy New Orleanians all know the significance of this parade, but for those of you who are perplexed, let me share some background.  Bernard “Buddy” Diliberto was a local sports commentator for 50 years who could only be described as “colorful.”  When the Saints were down and out, he began the “Aint’s” and Saints fans donned paper bags on their heads during the games in the Superdome.   Buddy D promised the citizens of New Orleans that if the Saints ever made it to the Superbowl, he would dance down Bourbon St. in a dress.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 2005 and never saw the Team make it to the big game.

His successor, Bobby Hebert (former Saints Quarterback) vowed to make good on Buddy D’s promise should the Saints ever make it to the SuperBowl…..and they DID!  Bobby Hebert invited the men of New Orleans to join him, wear their best dress and dance through the streets in honor of Buddy D and the Superbowl Saints!

Of course, we just HAD to go line the streets and be a part of the craziness.  Below are a few photos of the parade……

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We had an absolute BLAST cheering on the brave men and rooting for the Saints.  Wonder what Indianapolis did today?



  1. AWESOME!!!!

  2. Wish I would of known y’all were going, I wanted to bring the kids but did not know of anyone else going.

  3. Love this! So funny, this was the first thing I saw here and Facebook, awesome

  4. Since the Cowboys beat y’all this year, I’m definitely rooting for you to win! Geaux Saints!!

  5. Big fan of New Orleans Saints being we live in Pensacola Florida there is no other team we love best! Go Saints!

  6. Dontcha wish the Big D was still with us- I think he was smiling down from heaven and yelling WHO DAT when he saw bobby hebert in those blond braids!!!

    I think the guy in the slinky gold lame gown was the clear winner for fashinista award!

    what a way to go to the superbowl eh?

    ELI WHO??????


  7. It is a shame you never got to see Bernard “Buddy” Dilibeto dance down Bourbon Street in a dress. It would have been great had it hit the news channels.

  8. deameheniaHal says:

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

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