Sprout Baby Organic Baby Items: Review

Back in October, I introduced you all to Sprout Baby, a great source for organic baby products. At that time, my eyes were opened to a whole line of convenient and ways to “go green.”  Just to refresh your memory:

sproutbaby “SproutBaby.com is the brainchild of parents and professionals that saw an unexplored area of parenting and shopping and wanted to bridge the gap between making healthy choices and making easy choices. We created SproutBaby.com because we care and are concerned for babies and their moms, their families and communities, and the planet in which we all share. As we grow to include more options to fit more needs, we will provide comprehensive, eco-conscious, e-commerce and social shopping which is centered around making it easy to make mindful decisions about the products parents choose to put on, in and around their children and families.”

Now, Sprout Baby is back to share information about the new product lines now available. I got to sample the following products:

Nature Babycare – These diapers consist of 99% compostable material, making them a great biodegradable option to traditional disposable diapers. I was pleased with the way these diapers felt….not too plastic or rough on baby’s skin.  The diapers were to small for my little one, so I was not able to test the absorbency.

Episencial Skin Care – The first company to create an all-natural and fully sustainable skin care line for babies and families.  I received the “Better Body Butter,” a silky soft hydrating lotion.  The lotion, which is free of additives, went on smooth and not greasy and is even contained in a recycled bottle!

cleanwell Cleanwell – This company creates green sanitizers perfect for fighting those pesky germs, and keeping your family clean and healthy.  I received the 1 oz. hand sanitizer spray ($4.00) which is not alcohol based and has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs.  I loved the small size of this product as it easily slipped in my purse for use at the grocery, malls or restaurants.

Babyganics – A brand specializing in creating cleaning products that are not only baby safe, but also environmentally friendly. I received The Grime Fighter, an all purpose household cleaner which is safe to use on surfaces from high chairs to marble countertops.  I used it to clean my kitchen table after dinnertime (which is quite messy with a 2 year old) and it performed well and was scent-free.

Not only can you find these great brands at Sprout Baby to make your life greener, but by purchasing products now, Sprout Baby will donate 10% of their proceeds to the relief effort in Haiti through AmeriCares.

The statements in this article are the opinions of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a different experience with the products.  Thank you to Sprout Baby for providing product for review.


  1. Hands down, cleanwell is the best product on this page. It smells a bit funky when you first spray it but much better than traditional chemicals.

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