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I absolutely love the holidays!  The decorations, the food, the family and even giving gifts.  But, my bank account isn’t quite as fond of the holidays as I am!  Every year, I carefully set a budget and every year, I ignore it.  So come January, I am looking for ways to cut back and help my wallet recover from all that free-flowing holiday spirit!

I must not be alone in my search to cut back, because sites that list bargains, coupons and free samples are becoming more popular.  Recently, I hopped on over to List Free Samples to see what they had to offer. From the website: is created specially to provide users with completely legal free samples , printable coupons and more. No credit card or payment needed, no spam, no scam, just the best and coolest freebies available on the internet. They are absolutely dedicated to becoming the primary source for anything that is free and update their website every single day with a fresh batch of selected free stuff collected from the internet.

kelloggs After browsing the site, I found some great free samples of lip gloss, cereal coupons, and even fast food coupons!  You will be able to find your favorite brands such as Dove, Kellogg’s or L’Oreal by using the convenient search tool.  In just a few seconds I found ways to lower by grocery bill by signing up for free samples and great coupons.  List Free Samples does not distribute the free products, but rather provides a service to it’s readers by creating a one-stop-shop for all things FREE!

If you are looking to lower your grocery bill and pad your wallet, make sure you stop by List Free Samples before heading out the door!

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Laurie Murley says:

    thanks for the tip

  2. Patti Hess says:

    I used some of my freebies as Christmas gifts lol and Brithday ..etc

  3. Victoria Young says:

    Are there any other sites that gives free sample products and some other free stuffs?*::

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