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It is no secret that the readers of The Not-So-Blog generally do NOT come here to find insightful cooking tips or fabulous intricate recipes.  But, lately I actually HAVE ventured into the kitchen quite a bit when I am inspired by a bakeware review or new recipe and believe it or not, they have not ALL been disasters!  Don’t look so shocked!

When I do decide to get re-aquainted with my kitchen, I need some encouragement and lots of advice, and who better to get advice from that Celebrity Chefs?  Step into the new Celebrity Kitchen and take a look at the Celebrity Zone on which is specifically designed to introduce you to Top Celebrity Chefs, their products and inspiring recipes.

Being from the South myself, I gravitate to the home cooking of the fabulous Paula Deen.  On, you can see the latest tools and product  reviews of Paula’s cookware and bakeware lines.  I especially love the Kid’s Cookware set!  My daughters would love this as a gift from Santa (and I guess I should teach them how to cook early in life!).  Not sure what to cook in her products?  Make sure you check out the recipes, too!

Inspired?  Grab your oven mitts, your laptop and get cookin’, y’all!


  1. can also go to where you will find a lot of those same people AND if you want to try a recipe for GOOD fruitcake that you cannot build house with…i posted 2 in facebook (sandra vaughan) AND then there is ALLRECIPIES.COM…really good ones there too. (see i do read what you write). OH, so know, i am sort of an op-art cook who will try all sorts of strange things. as i am currently on the dl list, dh has been cooking…so he has been getting healthy choice or whatever else he thinks i might like that is low calorie and i have come up with this…no…i will save that for next time…leave you on tenderhooks!

  2. o, follow Rachelle Shockey on fb…check out her blog too! i swear you can gain weight reading her recipes!

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