To Paint or not to Paint?!?

With the kids and all their stuff, it sometimes seems like the walls in our house are closing in around us.  My husband and I have talked about selling our house and trying to get into something bigger, but with the economy the way it is right now we are being patient and making the most of what we have.  Just this weekend, Hubby was making a list of things in the house that need to be tweaked in order to  update it.  We need to repaint the kitchen and family room and can’t decide on a color.  With this in mind, I think the Weekend Project software is perfect!

weekendpunch Weekend Project with Kristian Cunningham (as seen on HGTV and the Rachael Ray Show) is designed to help you complete your projects around the home in a weekend.  Thinking of  refinishing, organizing, or repainting?  This is the software for you!  You can easily try out paint colors, cabinet finishes, new tile, and other touches before you go to the trouble of bringing it home and deciding  it’s not right!  Having a baby?  Weekend Project can help you design a dream nursery for your little one that will look like you paid top dollar for a professional!  Other features include being able to choose from thousands of faux finishes, interior and exterior paint, blinds, stone and solid surfaces, and more.  You can even add new lighting and see the results of that lighting in the software.  The Plant Finder feature can even suggest plants based on your geographic location!   All along the way you get tips from expert Kristian Cunningham.   Weekend Project makes it all sound so easy….the hardest part might be deciding what part of your house to update first!


  1. Patti hess says:

    This is very interesting information thanks …

  2. This is really cool and inspiring!

  3. THINK TAX CREDIT!!! And let’s talk about selling! Mom

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    too cool very interesting

  5. ooh, that looks fun!!


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