Have you selected your Holiday cards yet?

My friend, April, is a very talented photographer.  Each year about this time, I beg, plead and shoot her my best puppy dog eyes in order to convince her to take some family pictures for our Christmas card.  No matter how much the girls squirm, fuss or appear distracted, I am always awed by the final product.

It’s a hard task to find the perfect template in which to place my family photo!  But, one of the best places to start looking is Tiny Prints!  I honestly have not seen a more comprehensive selection at any other location on the web.  This year, I have my eye on the tri-fold holiday cards.  This style will allow me to display more pictures (no pressure, April!).  Not sure which card to get?  No problem!  Tiny Prints has a Personal Shopper service (which is FREE till November 15th) that allows you to send in up to 10 photos.  Your personal shopper will select the best photos and match them with three different card designs.  Review your options and purchase!  How easy is that?!?

Tiny Prints is also searching for it’s next models!  Enter your family photo in their talent search for a chance to win $1000!  Happy Shopping!

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