If I HAD to live somewhere else….

…..I would love to live in New York City.  In December of 2000, I had my first taste of the Big Apple, and while I was a Southern girl in VERY cold weather AND the airline lost my luggage, I couldn’t help but be sucked in by the magic of Christmas in New York.  I love the hustle and bustle of the City, the tranquility of Central Park, the entertainment in Times Square and the shopping at Bloomingdale’s.  But what I didn’t love was the price!  New York can get quite expensive!

bestwestern I did attend BlogHer 2009 in Chicago last July, but when it was announced that BlogHer 2010 would be in New York City, my heart sank.  I would LOVE to attend the meeting again and would LOVE to visit NYC, but how on Earth am I going to afford it?!?  In searching for affordable hotels, I came across a great list of Best Value Hotels in New York City on Oyster Hotel Reviews.  The website is unique in that the reporters go undercover and take completely unedited pictures of every aspect of the hotel so you can see what you are REALLY getting for your money!

I found the Best Western President Hotel near Times Square for a very reasonable price!  The hotel was renovated in 2009 with all new furniture and appliances and free Wi-Fi in all rooms!  I was able to see almost 200 pictures of the hotel which answered just about every question I could think to ask.

So, it’s time to start rethinking my position on BlogHer 2010.  To go or not to go?  Will you be attending?

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