Fairy-Gram: Review

hypothesis A Fairy Gram will not only bring a smile to my daughters’ faces, but foster a love of pretend play and encourage a creative spirit.

materials One pink Fairy-Gram (including a Fairy tutu, fairy wings, fairy ribbon wand, fairy halo and two butterfly clips beautifully packaged and gift wrapped), and one 4 year old who has always wanted to fly like a fairy!  About Fairy-Gram:

fairygramsmall Fairy-Gram.com delivers fairy outfits directly to little girls who dream of being a fairy. Imaginative, make-believe play allows children to practice social roles and develop empathy, impulse control, and a spirit of cooperation. Playing dress-up is one of the most creative activities. But there’s more to just changing outfits when kids dress up. With simple role-playing, your child can absorb a lot of knowledge about the world and people around them. Children who make up plots and characters through role-play not only smile more, but are engaged in activities that build a stronger sense of self-confidence. Child development experts agree that dress-up play not only stimulates imagination, it can also be tracked to improved vocabulary and social skills.

Fairy-Gram.com was founded in 2009 by a stay-at-home Mom and her 5 year old daughter. From age 2+, her daughter was always in an outfit, from princesses, to ballerina’s to fairies. Fairies were her favorite and therefore, Fairy-Gram.com was founded, directly from the heart of a 5 year old little girl.”

results Both of my daughters absolutely LOVE playing dress up!  They will find my old clothes, princess costumes or old shoes and create a whole fantasy world, but when the dress up costume is PINK and has WINGS….oh my, they are in HEAVEN!  The Fairy-Gram arrived at our home pretty quickly and was packaged beautifully.  It was fun to see Lily’s face as she opened the package especially for her.  As she pulled out the wings, tutu, crown, wand and barrettes, she could hardly contain herself!  We HAD to play dress up immediately!


Lily began twirling, jumping, fluttering and flying around my living room for a solid hour.  She was definitely in love!  I thought the wings and tutu were well made and fit both my toddler and my almost 5 year old daughter.  The crown and wand are made of a ton of matching ribbon and equally as cute.  Lily liked that the ribbons flowed down her back “like a cape!”



I just love the idea of a Fairy-Gram!  For $35.95, you can delight the little girl in your life when they receive the magic of a Fairy-Gram addressed just to them!  I think this would make a wonderful gift for family members who are out of town for the holidays.  Take a look around Fairy-Gram and check out all of the great colors you can choose from!  If your decide to purchase, use code SHIPFREE to receive FREE shipping on your order!

This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to Fairy-Gram for supplying the product for review.

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