Cuisinart CleanWater Water Filtration System: Review

hypothesis The Cuisinart CleanWater 2 gallon Water Filtration System will be a great way for my family to get great tasting, pure water without the expense of pricey water bottles!

materials One 2 Gallon CleanWater Filtration System by Cuisinart, a cup of hot tea and a glass of ice water. About the CleanWater 2 gallon Water Filtration System:

cuisinartwater “The most convenient way to enjoy cleaner, fresher water anytime you want it – chilled, hot or room temperature. The Cuisinart® CleanWater® Countertop Filtration System dispenses refreshing filtered water right from the kitchen countertop, and eliminates the need for costly bottled water alternatives. It’s healthier, smart, and simple – CleanWater® is the future of drinking water!  Product features include:

  • 2.0 gallon tank capacity
  • Dispenses hot (194°F), cold (44°F) and room-temperature filtered water
  • Blue/red LED lights indicate when water is ready
  • Energy Saver reduces energy usage by more than 50%
  • Green LED lights up when Energy Saver feature is activated (hot water is off)
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Removable water tank
  • 2 spigots
  • Fast water flow
  • Filter included
  • GF-80 filter reduces contaminants including (for pH level 6.5):
    – Lead 98.7%
    – Chlorine (taste and odor) 97.5%
    – Mercury 92.8%
    – Benzene 84.1%
    – Cadmium 96.6%
    – Copper 85.0%
    – Tetrachloroethylene 92.5%
    – Toluene 89.8%
  • Filter life is 3 months’ average household use (up to 48 gallons)”


Each week my husband or I run to the grocery store for staples which always includes a case of water.  I bring two bottles of water a day to work, my husband brings two and I drink another at home during dinner.  Because we are both losing weight using the Weight Watchers Points plan, we need to make sure we are getting our recommended amount of liquids!  Not only are we producing a large amount of plastic waste, but we are spending lots of money on purchasing water bottles each week.

When I was introduced to the Cuisinart 2 gallon CleanWater Filtration System, I immediately saw its potential!  This countertop water system fits great in my kitchen (we do not have room for a stand alone water dispensing system), matches my kitchen decor and makes grabbing water extremely convenient!  By simply pressing one button, you can dispense hot, cold or room temperature water without waiting.  Making a cup of hot tea and giving a cup of ice water to my 4 year old was a snap!  Take a look at how it works:

In my experience, the Cuisinart was very easy to assemble and learn to use.  There are a few steps you must follow in order to prepare the filter for use, but the process was simple.  I like the Energy Saver feature as well which allows you to use less energy when hot water will not be needed.  Need hot water?  No problem!  The red light will let you know when hot water is ready to dispense.


I absolutely love our Cuisinart CleanWater 2 gallon countertop water filtration system!  Being able to dispense hot water at the touch of a button has saved me time in the mornings as I make my daily cup of hot tea.  Having ice cold water at our fingertips has also helped me to increase my water intake as well, and my girls think it’s fun to get water from the dispenser which encourages them to drink more, too!  I plan to take the Cuisinart to work so my coworkers and I can share the hot water for hot tea and hot chocolate as the weather gets cooler.  It’s size will be perfect for our office space!

This system can be purchased for $149.00.

This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to Cuisinart for supplying the product for review.


  1. Diane Hunn says:

    The Cuisanart 2 gallon water filtration system looks perfect for small kitchens – just like mine! Diane

  2. I love the new filtration system they work.

  3. I have a sink filter, but I always want cold water and hot water for tea. this would be brillant!

  4. These look so awesome! Thanks for the review!

  5. Cuisinart is the master of all eh? I need one of those badly!!!

  6. Great option, for those cutting out bottled water.

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