Animal Planet and IronMan DVD: Review

For those of you that have DVD players in the car, do you wonder how on earth we made it as children without them?  While I do limit the use of ours to car trips that will be about an hour or more, the kids really enjoy being able to watch something that interests them and my husband and I enjoy not having to hear “Are we there yet?” as soon as we are out of the driveway and another ten times before we reach our destination.  So, I am always on the lookout for movies that are inexpensive, will hold their attention, and maybe even be a little educational too.  I am happy to share with you some GREAT DVD collections distributed by Genius Products!

Just released October 27, Iron Man Volume 1 is PERFECT for boys!  Tony Stark is Iron Man, and he uses his Technological Inventions to Battle Villains and save the world!  My son loved this one!  It held his attention and was interesting, a far cry from some of the mindless stuff on TV nowadays.

predators Both of my kids are animal fanatics.  Animal Planet’s Predators is geared toward older kids and adults as it is an eye-popping experience.  Viewers will learn about the post-traumatic but triumphant lives of people who have survived deadly confrontations with wild animals.  The DVD includes the story of a female crocodile and her young through the process of mating, birth, and growing up in Costa Rica.

Last but not least, Animal Planet’s Elephants features an extended elephant family as they embark upon a life and death journey across the African Plains.  The second feature, Queen of the Elephants, shows how the people of India regard the elephant as a god; yet today, the needs of the elephants and humans are opposed.

Both Animal Planet DVD’s feature breathtaking cinematography and loads of information.  My kids love Animal Planet shows and I must admit when they are playing, they don’t make the hairs on the back of hubby’s neck stand up… these guys do:


Do yourself a favor and check out Genius Products to see what they have to offer.  Your kids will thank you!



  1. Sounds like a great lineup for Animal Planet. We like that channel a lot as well and I love that it is an educational channel.

  2. The Doodlebops creep me out a little too! I’ll have to check out Elephants. I bet my son would love it.

  3. My kids errr we all love Animal Planet!!!!

  4. Thanks for this review. Wiggles yes…Doodlebops…no


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