Stock up on Swimsuits!

It may officially be Fall, but down here in South Louisiana, there are several more days, or even weeks left for swimming!  It is not at all unusual for us to all sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal wearing T-shirts and shorts!  I usually take the opportunity to shop for swimsuits now in order to take advantage of the off-season pricing while still being able to use it today.

The only problem is that most department stores are decked out for the holidays and swimsuits are no where to be found!  What do you do if you are taking a vacation to escape the chilly weather?  Fortunately, Swimsuits For All has a huge selection of fabulous women’s swimwear 365 days a year!  A little about the company:


Taking inspirations from sun, sand, and sea, offers swimwear and related apparel & accessories that work for real women sizes 8 & up. strives to offer quality swimwear that will fit your unique body, style, and budget and fashionably flatter your next escape.

As your swimwear oasis, sells swimwear 365 days a year and helps you get into the right swimsuit for your body & taste.  Shop confidently with our detailed images, sizing charts, and fit information on each product page.”


As I searched through the website, I found some great deals on cute one piece swimsuits (which I am most comfortable in after having two babies!) and even deeper discounts in the Sale section (I found a few suits for $16).  Atheltic?  No problem!  Check out the bathing suits that are perfect for doing your daily laps! 

One of the great things about ordering swimsuits online is that you can try them on in the comfort of your own home!  If you are unsure of your size, or even which suit is best for your figure, take advantage of the FREE swimsuit fit consultation!  And while you are at Swimsuits for All, make sure you sign up for their newsletter to be entered to win a $100 Swimsuit For All gift certificate given away ecah week!

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