Saints Sightings at local Boo at the Zoo!

One of our Halloween traditions is taking my daughters to our local Boo at the Zoo for some not-so-spooky fun.  This year, we had a great time trick or treating, riding the carousel, playing games, touring a real ambulance and talking to…….DREW BREES!  My husband has a major man-crush on Drew ever since he became the New Orleans Saints Quarterback, so you can only imagine the smile on his face when he spotted his idol!  Y’all, he was literally giddy.


Drew isn’t only an amazing football player, but has done many great things for the children in the City of New Orleans!  It must have been “Saints get in free” night or something, because we also spotted Billy Miller and Robert Meachem!  After many minutes of discussion, Jennifer actually got up enough nerve to ask Drew for a picture.  He was very nice and agreed to take a picture with her son….he will now be the most popular kid at school! LOL!

Believe it or not, the whole night wasn’t about the Saints!  We actually did let the actual kids do a few fun things as well, but that’s a whole other post!

Geaux Saints!

ETA:  Believe it or not, we also spotted four Saints players (including Drew Brees) in Quiznos today eating lunch before leaving for Miami!  Good Luck, Boys!  We’ll be watching!


  1. I don’t know what I’m more jealous about, you seeing my favorite football player or you going to my favorite zoo. Our zoo comes nowhere near the quality of the Audubon, and we don’t even have a football team! Those are just a couple of the things that made moving from New Orleans pretty hard to get used to. I’ll be watching the game tomorrow, Geaux Saints!

  2. I live way over here in Michigan and my husband and I both still love Drew Brees. He’s done some amazing numbers this year, and is great for my Fantasy Football team.

    Lucky you to run into him on the casual. 🙂

  3. Dorothy Zbornak says:

    I’m sure your husband would have something to say if he knew you referred to his admiration of Drew Brees as a “man crush”.

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