Need a Smile Makeover?

When I was younger, I had horrible teeth (combination of genetics and thumb sucking).  I was finally cleared to get braces to fix my severe overbite in just before 6th grade and they remained on my teeth for 5 years.  I know first hand what it means to hate your smile and what a difference having a great dentist, orthodontist or cosmetic dentist makes to a healthy, beautiful, and confident smile.

I have often thought about my own two daughters, and am relieved that neither of them sucks their thumb.  But, I am worried that Mom’s genetics will take over and they will both end up with dental “issues” that we cannot afford to fix.  Dental care can be expensive!  Do you have similar worries or concerns that you are currently dealing with?  Did you know that you can WIN a Smile Makeover from 1-800-DENTIST?

smilecontest A little about 1-800-Dentist:

Since 1986, 1-800-DENTIST has been matching patients with the right dentists and advertising the importance of regular dental visits to millions of consumers nationwide. One thing that sets 1-800-DENTIST apart is the fact that we carefully match patients with pre-screened dentists. But people often ask us “What does ‘pre-screened’ dentist mean?”

First, let’s start with what pre-screened doesn’t mean. Pre-screened doesn’t mean that we judge the clinical skills of our dentists. We’re not qualified to do that. What we can do is use an objective pre-screening process to evaluate potential member dentists. And that’s exactly what we do.

Our pre-screening process includes:

  • Confirming state dental licenses and renewals
  • Reviewing any disciplinary action on record
  • Verifying specialty certificates and sedation permits
  • Monitoring malpractice insurance levels and renewals

Once a potential dentist successfully completes our pre-screening process, they are eligible to become a 1-800-DENTIST approved dentist.

In addition, to ensure that member dentists continue to meet our membership standards, our dedicated Quality Assurance team continually confirms dental licenses, reviews disciplinary records, monitors malpractice coverage and evaluates patient feedback throughout the duration of each dentist’s membership.”

I did some searching around the 1-800-DENTIST website and found that you can locate a dentist near you by using an easy search option, a great section full of information on infant and toddler dentistry, and information about the Smile Makeover contest.

You can win a $30,000 smile makeover by simply uploading a short 2 minute video explaining how your smile effects the way you feel and the problems you want to fix.  Make sure you show your teeth!  Videos are due by November 10th at noon PST, and voting will end on Decemeber 1st. You can also follow 1-800-DENTIST on Twitter for lots of great tips and contest updates!

Go get your smile on!  Good Luck!

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